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  1. Going to stick with the 97% of climate scientists on this one.
  2. New handheld console from Panic, designed by Teenage Engineering https://play.date/
  3. We had a screening of it in school - I have never seen it as an adult. I should address that. I was watching this last night:
  4. I was waiting for the ewok music to start playing
  5. Thanks for all the MiSTer info. Will be helpful when I get around to it.
  6. I hope for the dumbest ending possible. Talking dragons etc.
  7. I am enjoying Chernobyl. Looks good and bleak, eerie scraping drone music, excellent cast - even though I only recognise a few actors. The meeting of Pripyat party officials in their bunker was very reminiscent of scenes in The Death of Stalin.
  8. I love this one, probably more for the first half than the second. 70's US paranoid thrillers are hard to beat. The Conversation, Klute, The Parallax View (and All The President's Men while we're at it), great movies. If you've never seen Army of Shadows, I can't recommend it strongly enough. I have to go watch it again now just thinking about it.
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