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  1. Shocking. What a huge influence he has had. RIP
  2. Finished watching Black Widow. Many explosions and jokes 1/10
  3. Sad it went to penalties, but Italy were the best team in the tournament and deserved the trophy. Commiserations to England
  4. Black Widow. I am watching it in 15 minute chunks because it is shit.
  5. Good. Hopefully no new Nintendo console until next year or 2023.
  6. Unique band, great music videos. They did some cool stuff with Giorgio Moroder
  7. Italy scoring goals and playing beautiful football. Not what was anticipated.
  8. Wife has invited friends over for drinks but I want to watch tennis and Euros. FML
  9. There's a photo of him awake on the stretcher leaving the field. Hope it's real.
  10. He is incredible live. Hope he comes to Europe next year.
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