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  1. Ship-Scope is an amazing record. Good place to start, then wait 13 years before you can hear any more of his music
  2. It's a shame he stopped releasing music. He used to run Transmat. After that he became an entertainment lawyer and head of legal at Netflix. Smart guy. http://ambientmusicguide.com/interviews/detroit-escalator-co/
  3. Sounds like he's into old Reinforced/4hero for sure
  4. Well, you can't just inject any old shit into your body.
  5. 2021's movies that I liked in no particular order Azor Titane Minari Wrath of Man Riders of Justice The Green Knight Dune Coming Home in the Dark The Card Counter
  6. Picked up a Series X. Mostly playing Halo Infinite multiplayer, it's as good as ever. Also enjoying Forza Horizon 5 and Evil Genius 2. Gamepass is ridiculous value.
  7. The first part is the weakest, but it establishes how shambolic and disfunctional the sessions were. The next two parts are much more enjoyable. I wouldn't recommend any of it to someone who dislikes the Beatles.
  8. Enthusiast


  9. A few other things I liked: CiM - Unselected ProTracker Mods John Coltrane - A Love Supreme: Live in Seattle Floating Points / Pharoah Sanders - Promises
  10. Vijay Iyer / Linda May Han Oh / Tyshawn Sorey - Uneasy Moritz Von Oswald Trio - Dissent Chapter 1-10 Lee Gamble - Flush Real Pharynx Madlib - Sound Ancestors Mastodon - Hushed and Grim Alva Noto-HYbr:ID I
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