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  1. Doesn't sound like a proper atmos mix. Aside from being used on Revolver, I don't know that this technology is available yet. https://www.vulture.com/2022/11/the-beatles-revolver-super-deluxe-peter-jackson-get-back.html
  2. Films I liked in 2022 Nope Aftersun The Worst Person in the World The Northman Elvis Maverick Athena Barbarian Prey The Banshees of Inisherin Argentina 1985 Glass Onion Boiling Point Tár Decision to Leave
  3. Some more music that came out in recent weeks, or I discovered through other people's lists, or I just plain forgot to include.... Ceephax - Baddow Moods Kevin Richard Martin - Sub Zero Lawrence English - Approach Anja Lauvdal - From a Story Now Lost The Beatles - Revolver (Super Deluxe) Adrian Corker - Since It Turned Out Something Else Chris Herbert - Kontra Deepchord - Functional Designs Jeff Parker ETA IVtet - Mondays at The Enfield Tennis Academy Smoke Point s/t Shackleton - The Majestic Yes / Mark Ernestus Overwhelming Yes Dub
  4. I reached over the boiling electric kettle to get something and I burned my arm from the steam.
  5. Ryoji Ikeda - Ultratronics Gábor Lázár - Boundary Object Huerco S - Plonk Michael J. Blood - As Is Au Suisse Pépé Bradock - Dactylonomy V Pole - Tempus Carsten Jost - La Collectionneuse The Soft Pink Truth - Is It Going To Get Any Deeper Than This? Actress - Dummy Corporation Theo Parrish - DJ Kicks The Necks - Imprinting ep CV x Actress Philip Jeck - Resistenza Oren Ambarchi - Ghosted Oberman Knocks - Condor-Rhyptik Minced Oath - Smoke and Scissors ep Sunken Foal - Celica 1 & 2 Paradox - Streetbeat / Drum Throne, Nord / Kenai, Desolator / Kampala Sleeparchive - SL Knxwledge - 家 . V1
  6. https://pitchfork.com/news/manuel-gottsching-german-electronic-innovator-dies-at-70/
  7. I was 14/15 so I couldn't afford many records. It was whatever I recorded from pirate radio and buying bootleg tapes of Dj mixes in local record stores. Weatherall, Garnier, Sven Väth, Darren Emerson, DJ Hell and early jungle tapes were the ones I remember. Underworld were big in 93/94
  8. Yeah I like it. Best COD campaign in a long time, usually I don't even play that bit. Multiplayer is good, although the weapon stuff is overly complicated. It will probably be my go-to game for the next few months.
  9. You can turn it off on PS5, which I did almost immediately.
  10. Visually spectacular, but treads the same ground as Les Misérables (2019) - which did it better by far. Worth seeing.
  11. Russia messing with Italy's gas supply now
  12. Russia shut off the gas in August. Russia did. Not Nato/Germany/USA etc.
  13. Russia: (filling mass graves with executed civilians and launching artillery at nuclear power plants) "We better not touch that pipe in case it hurts the brand"
  14. You think the blower uppers of their own economy wouldn't blow up a pipe?
  15. Sounds like a really bad one. I hope all of our Floridians are ok.
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