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  1. - i keep hitting refresh on the "Everywhere at the end of time" Bandcamp page.
  2. somewhat OT - but very cool. https://archive.org/details/georgeblood .
  3. I have a Digitakt on order. My friend already has a monologue. Just curious if Perälä had any thoughts / advice on pairing the two. It doesn't sound as if he wants to talk about gear, or slutz for that matter.
  4. I am not a member of gearslutz. Could someone ask him if he could imagine a Colundi environment made of an Elektron Digitakt and a Korg monologue? Based on the recent interview/dialogue between Aphex Twin and Tatsuya Takahashi, it seems like the monologue can handle Colundi tunings, and you could sample these into the Digitakt, make grooves with the 8 tracks, then solo on top of these with the monologue. Pretty cheap price point.
  5. In life, one finds most glory holes lead to Puta Creek.
  6. Hey there, anybody currently using this software with the EMX? I would want to use Logic. thanks, al
  7. It would be very cool to own a vinyl copy of HMC's first album, "In A Garden Of Eden".
  8. Can this app just run on a Mac laptop?
  9. for some reason my brain always wants to put these two songs together: .
  10. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3yWSgzGTLpc - - - bonus tutorial:
  11. * https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YSf8Rtx-Nfc *
  12. I am somewhat behind the curve on these new Elektron units/stomp boxes. Does the Elektron concept of parameter locks apply to these devices?
  13. I really enjoy the Ovuca "bonus" disc. Which I understand is not "pure" Colundi, but more like an Esperanto hybrid. https://aleksiperala.bandcamp.com/album/ovuca-bonus .
  14. http://www.audiofile-engineering.com/loopeditor/ Is anyone here using this software? Any thoughts or reviews? I am looking to recreate this basic workflow that I could do back in the day on WaveLab: rip a song from a CD as a .wav file open up this .wav in WaveLab find various parts of the song that were useful loops (could be 1 bar, could be 8 bars) get down to the sample level to define the start and end points of the loops export those loops as new .wav files (at this point I could also change the bitrate & sample rate of the new files) another feature that was useful
  15. Hello, Has anyone had any recent experience with the FS1R editor called ZeeEdit? Both in terms of recently purchasing the editor, and/or recently using it? I was given an old HP desktop box that I was thinking about using as a dedicated box to edit the FS1R with. I would be using an M-Audio MidiSport 4x4 to communicate with the FS1R. Also, it would be nice to send the FS1R simple musical sequences while editing the sound parameters, so I would imagine I would need some sort of midi merger thingie? Thanks for reading, Al
  16. just to be clear, I wasn't trying to troll any body by posting this. I thought it was a funny "worlds colliding" moment for my iPod. I also thought it might be fun fodder for the WATMM community to re-sample Pardo's words into a fresh piece of IDM....
  17. https://soundcloud.com/nevernotfunny/episode-1822-david-wild at about 21 minutes in.
  18. Anybody have any thoughts on the likelihood that Elektron will stop producing the Octatrack anytime soon?
  19. "from the looking glass you can see two people..." .
  20. you can tell from expressions that he makes public that he suffers from a badly broken heart he smiles as he feeds the afternoon pigeons yet he cries as he walks the night streets of St. Mark
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