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  1. Kontakt actually has its own scripting language (KSP) which you can do quite a lot in and is how Cycles was made. It has some limitations which can be frustrating but there are some great benefits of working off of this pre-existing platform.
  2. Hey guys, Not sure if its appropriate to share this on here, so let me know if not... My sound design and software company Slate + Ash have just put out a new VI -CYCLES - which I thought some people on here might be interested in. www.slateandash.com/products/cycles Without wanting to blow my own trumpet too much, it is a very cool instrument and has quite a few new ideas and possibilities for sound design. Let me know if you have any questions! Thanks, Simon
  3. The video was done using VDMX, which is a lot of fun and has audio reactive automation. You can use it for free to try it out, you just can’t save a project. But you can save visual fx ‘channel strip’ type presets so you don’t have to lose everything when you close a project. The tracks are made with mostly hardware (a lot of the main ‘riff’ on chaos flutter was a Novation Peak running through my eurorack system) and acoustic recordings. Then quite a few layers of processing and resampling etc in Logic and Kontakt (and back out into the eurorack sometimes).
  4. Hey! Thanks for your thoughts and I totally get where you’re coming from - I do tend to think of my pieces as sort of sonic sculptures existing in a space rather than a narrative journey. Maybe because a lot of my ‘day job’ has revolves around the music being mainly for narrative purposes. But it could be cool to explore bringing more of that to my personal work. Regarding posting more here’s another piece if you’re interested...
  5. Hey man! For some reason I didn't get the notifications for the replies, so sorry to take so long to respond and thanks for the kind words :) Yes, I do all that stuff, just finally putting a bit of focussed time into my personal project. Even though I do commissioned work its a different beast putting your own stuff out there so its good to get some feedback, I appreciate it :) Occult chanting would be great. There was a weird vocal element that kind of achieved this, but I removed it as it wasn't quite right.
  6. Love me please. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5q_OYVCmtRg
  7. this is nice as hell! That demo is really cool, some of those controllers look like they are breaking new ground in expressivity and performance. The sound design is so lush. But, alas, wish I had Kontact : ( Thanks! We have something new coming out in the coming months which is a different type of thing but will be hosted in Kontakt player so you don’t need to own the full Kontakt ?
  8. This one of mine :) https://slateandash.com/products/auras
  9. AURAS EP is a compilation of tracks made using the AURAS sample instrument Video for Yair Glotman track... Bandcamp... https://slateandash.bandcamp.com/album/v-a-auras-ep
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