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  1. What I want from Fallout 4 is for it to capture that unique element of satisfaction that I got pottering around Fallout 3's Capital Wasteland listening to Three Dog talk about you on Galaxy News Radio. I enjoyed New Vegas, but it disappointed me that it didn't have that charm to it. From what I've seen of it already the UI looks kind of clunky and made more for consoles, and while the graphics are pretty similar to Skyrim's, that doesn't bother me. I'm not the type to pre-order games, but I think I'm just going to wait a little until bugs are fixed and mods are released so I can get the most out of my Fallout experience. The load times are apparently aren't great unless you're running it from an SSD, too. I'm looking forward to the improved gunplay, the longer storylines and such, but I reckon I'm going just to wait until the issues have been ironed out before I buy it. The whole idea of your character having a preset personality and voice when it come out of the vault is a bit disappointing too, I really enjoyed being able to have that immersion when playing Fallout, and I think it'll be broken when I have a voice. I just enjoyed the idea of it being basically you who was walking out of the vault, and you're able to act as you would've acted. I don't know, I suppose I'll have to check more gameplay of it to be sure on how I feel I guess.
  2. Okay, so is there away to have a shared data for both Linux and Windows? So my documents folder in Windows links to my documents folder in Linux, the same with my music folder and such, and they can be edited and added to by both OS'. If so, that'd make much simpler. There'd be no need for duplicate files or anything like that. My origninal plan was just have have them completely seperated, but if this exists that'd improve it massively.
  3. If you've dual booted linux before, I could do with a bit of advice on partitioning. I plan on installing windows 7 to the SSD first, partitioning around 20gb off on the SSD, then installing Linux Mint. The process I'm thinking of is to establish that 20gb as the root folder, then make a swap partition of around 8gb (I have 8gb of RAM) on my 2tb HDD. Then I'll have a large partition (maybe like 250gb?) on the HDD which I'll allocate for /home and that's where all my music and documents will be. This way I can have all my large files on my HDD and have the operating system and a bit of space for a few select programs on my SSD. Does that sound like a good idea? Another point, if it turns out I need more than 20gb on my SSD or 250gb on my HDD at some point, can I somehow edit that partition to make it bigger?
  4. Yeah, I've heard Mint used to be quite unreliable but in the last 2 or so years it's been improved massively. I'm still very new to Linux, I've only dabbled in Ubuntu before, really. I just went through a load of the different distros, checking what they looked like and how people reviewed them and such, and Linux Mint Cinnamon looks great, and is basically all I could've wished for. It's GUI is bloody lovely and smooth, unlike Ubuntu's which I could never really find all that appealing. Whist not bad, Ubuntu is not as customisable as Mint, and customisation is something I enjoy. I've heard Arch is very good, but you need to be fairly knowledgeable in Linux before dabbling in it, really. As a beginner, Mint seems like a nice middle ground for someone who's new but technologically minded and eager to learn the ins and outs of operating Linux.
  5. Figured we could use a computer thread, since I couldn't find an already existing one. What operating systems do you guys use? I use Windows 7 myself, but I'm planning on switching to a linux distro when I get my SSD. I ordered myself the Samsung 850 EVO 250gb SSD from Amazon the other day for £68. I was considering going for a cheaper one of a different brand, but I've heard the Samsung SSDs are pretty reliable, and it comes with a pretty satisfying 5 year warranty. I spent an extra fiver to get it directly from Amazon too, since their returns and customer service (while not amazing) can at least be counted on more than some foreign supplier. Once I get it, I'll be moving to Linux, but I don't know what distro yet. I've heard good things about Mint. Anyone got some advice for me here? Another thing, anyone dealt with the Samsung cloning software? I've heard a bit about it, but not all of it great.
  6. Yeah, exactly. THUG is probably my all-time favourite Tony Hawks game, but that might be because of nostalgia. I can't even remember how many times I've completed the storyline over the years, back on me ol' trusty gamecube. The the gameplay was smooth, the maps were great, and the missions system was satisfying, unlike in THUG2. THPS4 is probably my other favourite TH game, I get colossal nostalgia from the Alcatraz map on it.
  7. When you feel this way, it's just a state of mind. Take the time to unwind and understand what you're going through day to day isn't so real, it's just an echo of the things you feel.

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    Now Reading

    Yeah, that's something I've wanted to do for a while, since it's been a long time and I wasn't aware of all the theological themes the book had the first time I read it. Joyce is keeping me really interested at the moment, though. Going through the Council of Elrond again keeps me from ever re-reading that one. The Council of Elrond isn't too bad, I read quite fast though so I guess I get through it quickly. You can always skim-read it or whatever, if it bores you. The Fellowship of the Ring has some great bits in it, like Tom Bombadil and the Barrow-Downs.
  9. This track cannot be played quietly and it's probably the only track that still sends shivers down my spine despite the fact I must've listened to it hundreds of times.
  10. which one is the heart attack special? I'd say all of them because of the sodium levels but maybe one is extra heart attacky lol. The heart attack special is as follows: Chicken tikka filling, lettuce, sweetcorn and cheese in toasted plain italian bread. That doesn't sound too unhealthy, right? Well, this is where reality tumbles apart and we are dragged, kicking and screaming, into the realm of insanity. When the slack-jawed sandwich-monkey asks "would you like any sauce?" I reply "Yes, an inhuman amount of both ketchup and barbecue sauce". They generally give me a bit of an odd look, but that's because they've never tasted the unholy glory of the heart attack special. If only you would all try it, you'd know. You'd all know. Anyway, it's probably for the best I rarely have them. I just decided to get one today to treat myself for having the willpower to leave my hovel and go into town for the first time in months.
  11. I went and got myself my trademark "heart-attack special" subway sandwich earlier today. The best thing about it is that for hours after eating it, every burp tastes exactly like the sandwich. It's the gift that keeps on giving.
  12. Aphex

    Now Reading

    I'm re-reading the Fellowship of the Ring and enjoying it thoroughly. That's the advantages of having an absolutely awful memory, I can re-read a book and still be surprised by the contents.
  13. The pressure got to me in the last stretch of my manual on Tony Hawks' Underground and I fell at around 1,800,000 points. Needless to say I ragequitted and had to have a little lay down after that.
  14. Some bloody good tracks there, comrade.
  15. The dystopian city ones are mainly done by dont-nod, and they were involved in the producation of the games "Remember Me" and "Life Is Strange." As for the diner at night, that one's Edward Hopper's Nighthawks, although you probably know that one. I can't find the name of the artist who did the train sation one, even with a reverse image search, but it's a very nice piece of art. As for the others, I'm not quite sure. you might be able to find the source with a reverse image search, though.
  16. I kind of enjoy having bleak, depressing scenes as my background. I have a few of derelict buildings rotting apart. At the risk of sounding like a pretentious twat, I find it a bit poetic. I'd post them, but I've gotta shoot now. See you around.
  17. I've got a whole folder of them I use, but there are a few really good ones. -- -- --- --- --- --- --- ---
  18. It's worth getting an SSD if you can, but I'm just a bit lazy and can't really be bothered with the hassle of transferring my OS onto it. Although I say that, I think the samsung ones have a program on it that does it all for you, so I'm looking around for a cheap one at the moment. There are other programs to do it as well, I hear. I actually bought one about a week ago from Ebay for a very cheap price, but the seller's item got removed by the ebay moderators, and now I can't even request a refund from them because "this item does not exist". There's £25 down the drain. I suppose it's my fault for being stupid, the warning signs were there.
  19. I know I'm a bit late to the party, but just in case this hasn't been posted yet: https://voat.co/v/technology/comments/459263 This is a script for users of windows 8 and 7 to get rid of all those sneaky telemetry spyware updates microsoft are installing on us. It all checks out, you can analyse it yourself when you get the file if you wish, or it has a list of the offending updates on the post. Microsoft is planning on introducing "Windows 10" into the "reccomended updates" catagory next year, and later they're going to change it to "important updates" so if your settings aren't preventing it, you'll turn on your PC one day and you'll have Windows 10. Privacy-wise, Windows 10 is absolutely awful (https://i.imgur.com/1VAwKNX.jpg). Soon enough I'll probably have to be converting my main OS to linux, but I've been putting it off since I'll need to buy an SSD to make dual booting really viable. But until then I'll be sticking with for 7 as long as I can. If you're concious about privacy and have Windows 10, just tell me and I'll hunt around for some good articles for you on disabling telemetry and spyware altogether on your OS.
  20. Aphex

    Now Reading

    lmao just realised that I put it in the wrong area, cheers for pointing it out
  21. Aphex

    Now Reading

    Just started the Ghosts of Sleath by James Herbert. Enjoying it so far.
  22. I'm going to cheat and pick six: Pink Floyd - Atom Heart Mother (1970) Black Sabbath - Paranoid (1970) Wishbone Ash - Argus (1972) Black Sabbath - Vol. 4 (1972) Black Sabbath - Master of Reality (1971) Black Sabbath - Sabbath Bloody Sabbath (1973)
  23. Aphex

    loner thread

    Now, that's not true. I feel compassion and guilt when violating my moral code, which means I'm almost certainly not a sociopath. That doesn't change the fact I have a hatred humans as a whole. My guess is that it's the same sort of hatred one gets for a certain type of animal. If you hate bugs, you'll feel disgusted when around them and would rather not have them around. Imagine hating spiders, but then being forced to wade through a river of them daily. That would be distressing, unpleasant and would increase your hatred of spiders. I'm at the point where I'm trying to stop my hatred of spiders, but the mere fact I have to wade through them every day is just putting me back in square one. It's not like I hate everyone either. There are a certain few people who are distinctly more tolerable than the rest, and that makes them fine (or even sometimes pleasant) to congregate with. I'm not particularly self-critical, if anything I'm self-neutral. The problem with this though is that it's predicated on the ability to just have your mind switch from "self-critical" to "self-compassion" by telling yourself that it's true. As far as I'm concerned my views of myself are based upon evidence of my previous activities, so telling myself that's "it's all good" would be a lie which I simply couldn't accept. Also: I hope you're right. The problem is that being stuck in an environment where I have to regularly associate with the most unpleasant specimens of humans I've ever met isn't helping. Perhaps it may improve once I leave and manage to get myself into a nicer place? I can only hope so. I sort of sympathise. My personality goes through either apathy, anxiety or depression (mainly the former). Most days I'll be apathetic, but then something will happen (like an awkward social event or incident) that will just make me feel down for days. Student parties are pretty much the literal form of hell for me. I tried one last year (it was the friend of a friend's party and he basically dragged me there) and it was one of the most unpleasant experiences of my life. Obnoxious, loud, drunk imbeciles doing stupid things and saying stupid shit. After my friend got distracted by some obnoxious blonde bimbo I left as silently as possible. How people can like those events is beyond me.
  24. Aphex

    loner thread

    About schizophrenia - I would avoid drugs and make sure you get regular healthy sleep About misanthropy - nobody is perfect but give people a chance - what are the odds that you are the one cool person and everyone else in the world sucks? The scary thing is I've been doing research into schizophrenia recently and I've related to many of the symptoms. I've been diagnosed with Asperger's Syndrome though, and they have a lot of related parts. The really spooky thing is the early delusions associated with schizophrenia and not Asperger's which I've been relating to. The fact I have a genetic disposition to the disease and I'm coming up with delusional symptoms that aren't involved in Asperger's Syndrome is worrying to say the least. Perhaps I'm simply a hypochondriac, but it's all fitting in a bit too well. I don't take drugs but I am an insomniac, so I end up getting less than 5hrs of sleep on weekdays. I've tried many things to stop this, but I'm probably going to have to start taking sleeping drugs. I'm trying to be less misanthropic and have that kind of viewpoint, but I always descend into visceral hatred for everyone around me in any social situation.
  25. Aphex

    loner thread

    I'm a loner who very, very rarely leaves the house. I find social interaction usually tedious at best, so I tend to stay to a very small circle of friends. I'm usually perfectly fine with this lifestyle, but occasionally I get bouts of crushing loneliness and subsequent depression. It makes me a bit sad when I consider I'm very likely to be alone for the rest of my life, but when I compare that to the alternative (trying and failing absolutely miserably at tedious social interaction) it might be the best option. It certainly doesn't help that I find myself absolutely despising everyone around me whenever I go outside (despite my efforts not to). I suppose that's the curse of being a socially inept, lonely misanthrope. I also recently discovered I have a genetic disposition to schizophrenia. The future's not looking bright.
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