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  1. Bought the FLAC version and didn't get track 5. Anyone else had this problem, or know if it's been corrected in the last 12 hours?
  2. wow two Aleksi's in one week!!! More incoming according to Aleksi on Facebook: Starlight 1 – Nov 12 Starlight 2 – Nov 26 Moonshine – Dec 10 Starlight 3 – Dec 24 Has anyone heard anything about a digital release of Sunshine 1?
  3. Has anyone received the download codes for the CD, MD, cassette and postcard? E-mailed them two days ago, but they haven't even bothered to answer...
  4. Satomi Taniyama - Eden in a sea of misery (finally!) Aleksi Perälä - Colundi sequence level 17 (can't imagine this coming out before end of 2017 unfortunately...)
  5. Same thing on Spotify. Doesn't sound like it should be there, so your second explanation seems most probable...
  6. Sorry, maybe got a little harsh there, but I'm getting increasingly frustrated with this. Kind of tired of the vinyl (and cassette) obsession, it should be about the musid, right? "Simulation" is just the latest example, and it kind of put me over the edge about this...
  7. Not selling digital version of releases is a stupid way to run a record label. At least this one leaked a week ago, so I can enjoy it anyway, but a bit strange that they aren't interested in my money... If they pull the same shit with the new Legowelt album, I'll probably "buy" all my Clone music on Soulseek from now on.
  8. Answer myself here. Grant posted this on Facebook: "sampler of album, containing no tracks from album, in true colundi style"
  9. The album is called Simulation, the teaser Simulation X, but yes, a bit confusing. Hopefully X as in "eXtra tracks not on album", but I'm not buying this until I know...
  10. Regarding level 17: Most of us got the below average or insufficient to cover to production costs, the keyword here being "or". When it comes to economic variables, a lot more than half the people are usually below average (think income). Theoretically, one person could've bid 100000£ and put everyone but himself below average. I really hope my 69£ bid at least covers the production costs though...
  11. Unless you've already "put that shit" on your credit card, you're not getting anything. Payments were to be made by last thursday, thought Grant was pretty clear on that...
  12. Suction Records, any specific reason EP2 is 24/48, while EP1 and EP3 are "only" CD quality? Not that I would hear any difference probably, but it's always nice to get the best quality possible :-)
  13. Kind of unclear instructions, but e-mailed a bid/guess anyway... Mostly interested in the BluRay, but a t-shirt is nice, and hopefully the "Mystery format" is something I can play back (DVD?).
  14. The entire album as an uninterrupted mix? It's not that unusual to get as a bonus when you buy music digitally... The total running time for the ten separate tracks is about 77 minutes. Excited regardless :-)
  15. For those of us not buying vinyl it may turn out to be a good Legowelt summer ahead: Digital version of "Just a clown on crack" on june 13 https://boomkat.com/products/invocations-ii-the-obelisk-of-tj-age-of-apathy-tape-54491a46-a218-48ab-be3a-dbd261823729 Digital version of "Laundromat of yout mind" on july 15 https://boomkat.com/products/laundromat-of-your-mind-ep Information about the Ufocus album up on Nightwind homepage, which hopefully means it's imminent http://nightwindrecords.org/ Satomi Taniyama album hinted for june release on Twitter
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