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  1. QQQ

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    i can never tell if Murakami translations (English) are bad or if he's bad. i've ranted about it many times in this topic in years gone by so won't go in to detail, but his novels annoy me so much. I've been reading Killing Commendator for nearly a year (amongst other things), but fuck me is the prose amateurish and clunky
  2. Plaid Bibio Bars of Gold Full of Hell Torche Battles Tool Venom Prison Puppy The Number Twelve Looks Like You Boris Pijn and Conjurer (Curse These Metal Hands) Opeth Ex-Terrestrial Giant Swan Brutus Liturgy side note: my most listened genre of the decade was "Intelligent Dance Music", or so says Spotify. tehehe lololol
  3. QQQ

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    Runaway Horses is the most political of the tetralogy (if I'm remembering it correctly).
  4. QQQ


    the images look like stills of the visuals he had during his Glastonbury set. surely he's releasing those tunes ... plz
  5. is there a single fighting game that gives away free characters post-launch? they come with new stages, fighter costumes, new music, etc, as well, which is nice. remember developers release on-disc DLC and shit these days. . . . honestly, and sadly, this is one of the better DLC deals out there.
  6. Banjo got me to download the fighter pack on Smash Bros, so I'm back into that. Terry looks fun too, and hopefully the final pack fighter is a good one (I imagine they saved a doozy for the final pack fighter)
  7. the vocal tracks are super strong imo, as is the rest. on 2nd listen i rank it above Gloss Drop and La Di Da Di, and recon it's up there as one of this year's finest albums
  8. idk but i love that shit. so over the top. can't beat ridiculous metal logos and artwork
  9. had my best friend and one of my best regulars nearly fighting today. i've gone from being civally disobedient to dealing with fuckers being civally disobedient. it's much more fun being on the other end tbh
  10. worked in an office sales/call centre environment for 6ish years, hated it, was always being called up for some dumb shit (taking 4mins too long to take a shit, etc), got fired eventually. was out of work for a year, now I'm running a small bar. it's hard work, but i enjoy it, and i get to play my own tunes 90% of the time. though i still take 4minutes too long on the crapper.
  11. the first 2.5 mins of Lahaina Noon is lush. i wish the whole track continued that vibe.
  12. 7empest is killer. the interlude tracks are the best they've done as well. no wankey weirdness this time, just good interludes.
  13. the set list the other day was 100% new material other than Atlas, Summer Simmer, and The Yabba. all the tracks were amazing. new album is going to be great.
  14. last album was one that i loved when it came out, kinda forgot about for while, then came back to in a big way. they haven't released anything even close to being not great imo
  15. awesome track, glad we finally hear a tune and have a release date. was unsure how they'd sound after dropping to a 2-piece, but they've still got it! and they're headlining a festival i'm going to next week, can't wait!
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