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  1. the new Darkthrone is really good, stands out more than their last one.
  2. yez, happy i got to see them before they broke up
  3. the only Dillinger side/related project i really like is Azusa.
  4. the new Full Of Hell record is out today n it rules accidentally quoted this, don't know how to unquote on nuWATMM, nvm, track is killer
  5. QQQ

    Now Reading

    Hunger is great. so are his other novels (Mysteries, Pan)
  6. QQQ

    Now Reading

    had no idea Jenny Hval wrote. might have to check that book out.
  7. i've played every smash game, probably put more hours into them than any other game/series. i don't fancy splurging any more than i already have, so i'll be playing with the joycons for now.
  8. got myself a switch + smash today. spending my first few hours playing around with joycon options to see what i like best. what do people tend to use?
  9. i'd rather have a live set, but it's still one of the best announcements so far.
  10. QQQ

    Bernie und Ert

    theoretically, there are unlimited watmms
  11. QQQ

    Bernie und Ert

    New to me, fucker - sorry I don't spend every waking hour online like some fuckboi millenial and gobble up every meme and social media detritus like some whore on a coke binge pwned
  12. naw, but i didn't buy it from bleep or pre-order or whatever the dealio was with them, i bought it from a store after release
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