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Community Answers

  1. I loved Aesthete and this is really good too
  2. lol ok. there's a difference between annoying ads and a broken website and i don't think this will help attract new members, but you rock on if this is the way you want your website to be viewed
  3. yeah the ads are really messed up on mobile. i can't go on certain forums (music discussion for example) from the main page because there's a big fuck off ad in the way of it.
  4. Glastonbury would fit in nicely there. make it happen pls
  5. the mining lads are weak to striking weapons, if you're just rocking a sword they'll seem more difficult than they are
  6. great colours in the first one. all the holes are very uncomfortable to look at too, really triggering the fuck outta me. A+ love the last 2.
  7. judging from eassae's emoticon usage i believe he is
  8. you don't know/understand clark's intention when he made this music, you've just read too much into things he's said in an interview. personally i'm not a big fan of the album, i'd rather he released something different too btw.
  9. i think you're confusing his earnestness for pretentiousness. if you don't understand something/someone it doesn't make it/them pretentious. i wish people would stop using the term as a criticism.
  10. + bonus vid (sync it with some grindcore for the intended effect) leaf mosh 3.mov
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