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  1. ah shit. it sucks to miss it right now, but hopefully they're both back for next year! what a weekend that is to see em both
  2. anyone know if the line up here would have been at Glastonbury, or are these artists the Glade guys have approached just to make mixes for streaming? because if i missed out on both Autechre and Plaid sets this weekend i'm going to cry
  3. how are people living on their own going to cope with this lockdown? i need genuine advice, im already going fucking mental. actually insane, not figuratively.
  4. holy FUCK is this album GOOD !!! oberlove !! speedcrank !!! terminal slam !!!! mekrev bass !!!!!
  5. Uncut Gems is one of, if not the best film/s I've ever seen. JoJo Rabbit and 1917 are also absolutely fantastic. it's a good time for new film right now.
  6. can't remember if I put Brutus on my list, too lazy/drunk to look back, but fuck yeah that album is good, one of my AOTYs as well
  7. can't wait to see the film. Good Time is easily one of the best films I've seen this decade. also noted the dropping of OPN name, weird. Good Time soundtrack is one of the best soundtracks ever but at the same uneven the best 'soundtrack' is hardly a good 'album' when taken on its own merit. still fukn stoked for this film
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    i can never tell if Murakami translations (English) are bad or if he's bad. i've ranted about it many times in this topic in years gone by so won't go in to detail, but his novels annoy me so much. I've been reading Killing Commendator for nearly a year (amongst other things), but fuck me is the prose amateurish and clunky
  9. Plaid Bibio Bars of Gold Full of Hell Torche Battles Tool Venom Prison Puppy The Number Twelve Looks Like You Boris Pijn and Conjurer (Curse These Metal Hands) Opeth Ex-Terrestrial Giant Swan Brutus Liturgy side note: my most listened genre of the decade was "Intelligent Dance Music", or so says Spotify. tehehe lololol
  10. QQQ

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    Runaway Horses is the most political of the tetralogy (if I'm remembering it correctly).
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