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  1. the set list the other day was 100% new material other than Atlas, Summer Simmer, and The Yabba. all the tracks were amazing. new album is going to be great.
  2. last album was one that i loved when it came out, kinda forgot about for while, then came back to in a big way. they haven't released anything even close to being not great imo
  3. awesome track, glad we finally hear a tune and have a release date. was unsure how they'd sound after dropping to a 2-piece, but they've still got it! and they're headlining a festival i'm going to next week, can't wait!
  4. though i think a lot of fans are going to be disappointed, and it's hard to make a decision after just one listen to a 10min track, i think i'm into it. the drumming and the production are really nice. my one concern is that all/most of the album's tracks are going to follow the same overarching build-build-build-crescendo formula. i hope we get some more aggressive sections in some tracks.
  5. the b-side tune is really nice
  6. where tha WATMM levels at
  7. played some David Firth levels today and they were surprisingly shit
  8. that genuinely wouldn't (sup)rise me
  9. unban sup, and the post count will jump 1200%
  10. the new Torche album is amazing
  11. made some adjustments to the above. new code: SLJ-HMN-PSF
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