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  1. QQQ


    some of the video sections are excellent, good work
  2. @oscillik i think IG is the best of a bad bunch, though some aspects of it are really frustrating (the crop ratio – wtf???) please share if you ever settle on something better @Tim_J i like the colours in that set
  3. Terry Crews being in Inland Empire is the best thing about it
  4. QQQ


    first track i've made since 2018. hoping to get back on the wagon in 2021
  5. the percussion is quite dry in Ice, so that could be something to look at. there's also room for a melody, though this would take the track in a different direction. they're both pretty sound structurally and reasonably full, so maybe what you perceive as being missing is just down to mixing/mastering.
  6. the vocal sample definitely gives off a burial vibe. i like it a touch more crispness to the break/certain elements of the break would work nicely i think, add a little extra contrast
  7. dig the breaks in the OP track
  8. i watched the first 2 Pusher films recently, they're way better than any of Refn's later works
  9. @oscillikhave you stopped posting your photos on IG? haven't seen anything there in a while a few of mine from this year:
  10. ah shit. it sucks to miss it right now, but hopefully they're both back for next year! what a weekend that is to see em both
  11. anyone know if the line up here would have been at Glastonbury, or are these artists the Glade guys have approached just to make mixes for streaming? because if i missed out on both Autechre and Plaid sets this weekend i'm going to cry
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