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Community Answers

  1. judging from eassae's emoticon usage i believe he is
  2. you don't know/understand clark's intention when he made this music, you've just read too much into things he's said in an interview. personally i'm not a big fan of the album, i'd rather he released something different too btw.
  3. i think you're confusing his earnestness for pretentiousness. if you don't understand something/someone it doesn't make it/them pretentious. i wish people would stop using the term as a criticism.
  4. + bonus vid (sync it with some grindcore for the intended effect) leaf mosh 3.mov
  5. based on the teaser i'm guessing they'll add their albums to streaming services on that date. a new album would be cool though.
  6. i ordered one of these a few days ago. pretty expensive, but i haven't bought myself anything fun in ages and david deserves to get my money more than most people. love his music too.
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