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  1. i'm having an issue in logic that i could really do with some help with:

    my project files are bloating to insane levels for seemingly no reason. they're clocking in around 80–100gb by the time i've finished making a track. i've made sure to delete unused audio files, clear any backups, etc, but the file size stays the same.

    digging around inside the files shows me that audio files are becoming huge – i'm looking at a bunch that are 4.26gb in this project (different instruments recorded on different tracks but all exactly the same size).

    i've tried saving as a folder instead of a project, but both end up the same.

    i can fix things by saving as a new folder and importing the audio files, sampler instruments, etc, into it once i'm done with the project. doing this brought the 89gb file down to 302.5mb, but nothing should have changed?

    i'm using logic pro x (10.0.7) on macOS catalina (10.15.6). i'm half assuming this is because of FUCKING CATALINA, considering it's the worst upgrade to hit the macOS in uh idk ever

    pls help google is useless. ty


  2. the percussion is quite dry in Ice, so that could be something to look at. there's also room for a melody, though this would take the track in a different direction.

    they're both pretty sound structurally and reasonably full, so maybe what you perceive as being missing is just down to mixing/mastering.

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