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  1. For real I was going to post the same thing. What makes uber drivers any different to another driver? Is it because uber is getting press? My ex was propositioned by a rapey taxi driver from one of the main taxi companies in my city but surely they are checked out in the same way uber check theirs. I don't get why uber drivers would be any different? (Or maybe I don't understand what uber is about?) Although the £30 thing is a bit of a piss take...
  2. The volcas can be picked up for less than £100 each now minus maybe the new sampler, the mixer was £179 (its also USB so I use it as an interface as well). The zoom was about £30, another £30 for the monotron. Overall I've spent around £500-£600 including a USB keyboard (another £100ish), £20 on a DAW (logic) and I have just ordered a tascam dr05 2nd hand from eBay for sample collecting and recording which was another £50... But I have a bad habit of wanting to collect and expand fast so you don't need to spend even close to that much, and everything I have can be gotten much cheaper (the mixer and KB at least). I have just had a jam on the hardware I have (volcas and the drum machine). You can definitely make music with less than that but it depends on what you want to make and how limited the sound might be. The volcas are fairly limited but it really depends on how much you dig the sound. I plan to add more stuff as time goes on but if you want to stick to a basic set up for a while there are smarter places to put your money for a more expansive sound pallet. If there's a specific genre/sound you hope to get into then there may be hardware/instruments more suited to it but otherwise I think the best thing to do would be to get some bits that you think you'll enjoy using and inspire you. Edit: if you want a more expansive sound without buying too many pieces the korg electribe family might be good to look into. They have just released a new one for around £300 - £350 I think or you can get a 2nd hand older model (which look beautiful) 2nd hand without much problem.
  3. http://youtu.be/pN8Kd3zR_mE 8/10. Visually great and pretty damn sad. Bring tissues etc.
  4. Do you want to go hardware only? I'm just starting out first time myself and started by buying a monotron to mess around with, then got the volca keys, the volca bass followed shortly after and a cheap drum machine from eBay (zoom 234). Also a mixer to hook it all up (Mackie proFX). Its enough to jam around on but if you want to go software too all you would need is a DAW and some keys and that gives way more freedom and options to start with. Unless you already make music and just want to get some hardware? I haven't heard great things about the rhythm wolf.
  5. Do people still write stuff on your facebooks? I think everybody on mine now communicates through buzzfeed articles and dumb vines/other videos.
  6. What everyone else recommended is great, but also listen to Shobaleader One. I don't think it went down well with most people round here but it is a top album too.
  7. QQQ

    Now Reading

    I'm hoping work gets quiet later so I can continue reading Catch-22. Took me too long to get around to reading it. Clever, funny and dark. Fantastic characters and dialogue (then again it should be, the book is 90% dialogue).
  8. Someone on watmm sent me one of these 4 or 5 years ago for Xmas, I had a lot of fun with it, tho I like lo-fi/toy instruments.
  9. Yeah this is nice, has a surfy vibe. Chill.
  10. Plaid - Reachy Prints Every Time I Die - From Parts Unknown Tobacco - Ultima II Massage Lone - Reality Testing and Electric Wizard - Time To Die were pretty strong too but probably not AOTY material. I forgot what came out this year.
  11. I'm kidding, I read this thread. I hadn't logged in for probably 2 years or so, my old account would have been purged with the rest. I don't mind paying, the cheapest package is pretty much nothing in the grand scheme of things, but it does feel a bit strange having to pay your way in to a community, particularly one you were once a part of.
  12. I was totes confused when trying to log in for the first time in a couple of years. My account must have accidentally been cleared along with the rabble.
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