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  1. 12 minutes ago, Joyrex said:

    For Smash, you really need either a Pro Controller, or the Gamecube adapter and Gamecube controllers. Depends on how familiar/not you are with Smash.

    i've played every smash game, probably put more hours into them than any other game/series. i don't fancy splurging any more than i already have, so i'll be playing with the joycons for now.







    JR just made a thread for a video that's at least 15 years old

    New to me, fucker - sorry I don't spend every waking hour online like some fuckboi millenial and gobble up every meme and social media detritus like some whore on a coke binge
  3. i've gotta give it more listens to see how it ranks amongst his other work, but on my first listen it is seems like it'll be up there with the best. it's more immediately likable and cohesive than a mineral love, for sure. the violins, mandolins, etc fit in so well with his sound, and i like that that he's returned to his lo-fi sound without overdoing it.

  4. i think the speech sample in the first track stands out a bit because the reverb used on it is so different to the reverb on the other elements, could do with tweeking to fit better. track is good though.

  5. na i'm with you, not usually an adjective that would make something appeal to me either, thus the 'surprisingly.' but it's a word i'd use to describe them after seeing them live, where the crowds sing along to the riffs, which is obviously pretty unusual and fun and uh 'anthemic' for instrumental music.


    if you like something more on the ambient side of post-rock then yeah, they aren't going to be your thing.



  6. Math Rock is probably the best it's ever been. Post-Rock is stronger than it's been for a long time, too. i go to a festival every year called ArcTanGent which hosts tons of math rock and post-rock/post-metal bands. check out any of their lineup posters from the past few years and you're bound to find a ton of great new stuff to listen to.


    And So I Watch You From Afar are probably the best current band under the 'post-rock' banner, and they'll appeal to math rock dudes too. surprisingly anthemic and have a wide range of appeal all round, from my experience.

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