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  1. its been mentioned before, but 'DekDre Scap B' kinda invites speculations about them using deckard's dream, no? also, since bladerunnervibes are paramount in r cazt 😉 (just curious - thought it was exclusively maxmsp these days...)
  2. have yet to find time to focus but TM1 is well open 🙃
  3. Holy Shit YESSS! BP it is 😉
  4. concerning reviews, this is pretty spot on imho: https://endofreel.medium.com/autechre-sign-album-review-by-tyler-atkinson-6dccdba51bbd
  5. p sure i heard a robo voice stating ‘autechre‘ twice at the start of the last minute of sch.mefd 2...
  6. any chance to be Part of the n cur-Movement...? pls?
  7. autechre-season = my favourite season! 🙃 (esp in f******* 2020)
  8. I think its rather beautiful 😉 Really enjoy having a compact and focussed work again for a change. Also think its a smart move to counter the 'logic' of the ever expanding format, freeing them from expectations which might otherwise work against them, if that makes sense. Unpredictability as a virtue autechre always cultivated and for a reason I think. I'm suprised to see so many 'dissapointed' reactions - to me r cazt alone made my day. Floors me each time - don't remember when i last heard a tune so instantly recognisable as a future classic.
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