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  1. any chance to be Part of the n cur-Movement...? pls?
  2. autechre-season = my favourite season! 🙃 (esp in f******* 2020)
  3. I think its rather beautiful 😉 Really enjoy having a compact and focussed work again for a change. Also think its a smart move to counter the 'logic' of the ever expanding format, freeing them from expectations which might otherwise work against them, if that makes sense. Unpredictability as a virtue autechre always cultivated and for a reason I think. I'm suprised to see so many 'dissapointed' reactions - to me r cazt alone made my day. Floors me each time - don't remember when i last heard a tune so instantly recognisable as a future classic.
  4. NED


    thought haswell was good fun in leipzig. pumped for tonight and double thanks to rob and sean as its my birthday! ???
  5. some details from the mixlr-chat that i haven‘t read here (found over at ILM, already a week old or so): Autechre : pretty sure warp are going to want to do a physical release so the date = ? but the stuff is done, by pure coincidence a few weeks ago, at the moment we're living with it and tidying up tiny things, but not touched it in 2 weeks so it's basically done rob and i were both thinking of bringing it sooner but idk need to talk to warp was orig planned for late this year/early hext also seven onesix recordings drop in less than a month
  6. the opener of i-o is a perfect match of advanced-era LFO with oversteps. get similar vibes from the artwork ;)
  7. still amazed how good these two are: https://touched.bandcamp.com/album/ff0000 https://kaer-uiks.bandcamp.com/album/i-0-disc both pretty much perfect releases in my book.
  8. new interview, sorry if already posted: https://crackmagazine.net/article/long-reads/aphex-twins-mask-collapses/ oops - just saw it mentioned in the other thread...
  9. this is indeed crazy good. f***ing close to ae but also f***ing great!
  10. ...wonder if it will fill up the whole session?
  11. this one needs editing to fit on vinyl...
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