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  1. WeAreOceans

    afx nft

    can nft buy me a girlfriend
  2. yeah not keen on The Weeknd track but really enjoying everything else here
  3. He released an album in March and it fucking slaps https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=67s9BgcnYjk
  4. absolutely not, how dare you
  5. Caught them at Cardiff over the weekend, v odd choice of venue, was just a little community hall - even had a kitchen serving vegan curry lol, lovely. Great show, they had a third guy on a violin going through a bunch of FX pedals as well, anyone know who that might be?
  6. You could buy either a physical copy of the record or a card. He did a second WHP show a bit later than that, 2011 I think. It was good but way too overcrowded.
  7. same, thought it was some barmy remix, this tune is great though
  8. would have liked to but had to get up at a reasonable hour on Sat... will queue this up for work motivation
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