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  1. Void Bastards looks interesting, FTL meets System Shock with a graphical style very similar to XIII's comic cell shading.
  2. Square found out what was in the "break in case of stock nosedive" box then
  3. sorry can we not derail this thread please we're here to argue about Age Of again
  4. lmao why is he embarrassed about it? merzbow stop being a big babby
  5. would be cool to put some breakcore into it, something like Xanopticon, endless waves of drum patterns
  6. http://www.merzcast.com/ not sure how i feel about this: they're selling cassette tapes of each episode https://merzcast.bandcamp.com/merch lmao
  7. I love the visual style of this but doesn't seem to bring anything new to the table, very much a nicely skinned original Doom https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/prodeus/prodeus
  8. Yeah there is very much one correct way to play the game and it becomes so much easier once you realise it. Plus knowing how to thrust attack deflect and do posture damage to sweep attacks, it's actually kind of an easy game (I say this being stuck on one of the end-game bosses). But yeah it doesn't make a lot of this immediately obvious (the loading screen has some tips I suppose). But yeah whatever you do don't play it like a Soulsbourne it will actively punish you for it.
  9. a great example of someone seeing inequalities in the world and being completely off the fucking mark on what to do about it
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