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  1. Its really funny. I check this site periodically as the trolldacity (trollish audacity?) is kind of sort of fun. But there is just perpetual imminence. I get that it makes sense for Joyrex to play into it a bit, keep everyone refreshing their browser. Its very cool that joyrex admitted he doesn't actually know whats going on with the imminent immenence though. This site really has changed what imminence means.
  2. I'd say 'it's not WATMM, it's me". But that would be a lie. Its totally not me, its WATMM.
  3. yeah, I am pretty sick of the monotony on here. If it picks up again I could resubscribe in the future. Feels a bit silly in the interim to be giving away a whole three dollars a year.
  4. Cool, thanks for a serious reply. Seems I already unsubsribed then. Excellent.
  5. I've been trying for couple days to figure out how to stop my account from automatically renewing for another year. Can anyone tell me where I can do that?
  6. I can't tell if that track is an april fools joke or not
  7. cool song on new bogdan coming out. all his old stuff has popped up on apple music too, nice to hear this stuff again, been years for most of it
  8. Uh. You are supposed to eat the whole pizza. That’s what they are for in Italy. They are meant to be a personal meal.
  9. Well that is definitely not what I was hoping to hear. Keep looking for one, I’m sure there’s one in there somewheres
  10. 1st 44 sounds a hell of a lot warmer like this than in 96kbps. I couldn’t really get behind the track before but sounding great here.
  11. Repeatedly pausing the video it seems like the text is correspondence between riccardo and weirdcore. Instructions and visual direction for the video. Neat!
  12. https://www.instagram.com/p/Bl_ZKuunl14/?utm_source=ig_share_sheet&igshid=1gv6kq602eosf More. LA I mean, the other ones were cool but this is easily the dopest.
  13. To be honest, I like this album so much I pirated it, then tried to buy it on bleep, failed, then successfully bought it on bleep. After that, I went to apple music, streamed it repeatedly, added it to my music library, deleted it and got it again. Much success to you noise, and you don't remind me too much of the flashbulb.
  14. quite an album. Sounds both like 1996 and 2018. Had it on repeat for a bit today, 3rd or 4th listen through.
  15. wait, it's this friday now innit? noise, is your album n-Ahmed gonna be available for download/streaming then fro those of us who don't believe in vinyl?
  16. I had definitely heard that rumor about the 26 mixes for cash- it was a quick remix album to get him out of his contract
  17. seriously. I want this album last friday as promised.
  18. Even digital? That's a shame. Oh well, still super pumped for this. Previews sound awesome. Really wish this was offered on CD as well tho. I have had to face the fact that literally no physical release is useful to me anymore. I just am in a digital only situation.
  19. lisbon acid got put up ages and ages ago. Outside of a couple comments, he hasn't had any activity at all. I would hope for more one off releases at his upcoming gigs.
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