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  1. I've got 51 of the 00008673 tracks downloaded, so missing some. Least there's that incase nobody got all of em
  2. - aphex adds a location to his description, an antarctic cave or something Race y'all to the cave... Do we vote to choose an emissary? Kickstart flight/feed $ and send someone there. lul
  3. Going along w/ the one flew over the cuckoo bit (cuckoo's stealing nests)...he did refer to his tracks as birds whence he said "Fly away little birdies" on the reg account. And then Richard said let there be light, and there was light. Also mentionable, I'm pissed. I'd downloaded several of the various other improbable soundcloud imposters tracks, but over the last month got pretty complacent and figured nah someone else will. Hopefully someone else did. Judging by the forensics expertise over the past few pages I can't help but assume someone did.
  4. Still shows 64 tracks for me... I'd screenshot but lazy
  5. 20+ tracks have been removed :( There were about 63 there before and now there's only 45. Did anyone grab all the Brain Waltz Era before they vanished? Did the brain waltz vanish? My stream still shows em, and the profile shows 64 tracks.. Reckon soundcloud is just being a POS
  6. In my mind 00008673 goes from possible to probable RDJ. I thought it was him for awhile, but the recent uploads really seem to narrow the field in my mind. (nonsamp'd kit that's too similar to CCAI gears). I mean someone would have had to spend a good bit of money between now and CCAI2 coming out, made nice tunes, plus made the other goodies on the acct all in time/holding out for meow. So much similar sounding kit, esp. the CCAI-esque stuff uploaded more recently. I have a hard time believing Richie would endorse a copycat acct by commenting w/ the "ace production" bit. Also makes s
  7. What's the Erik SC? Links are coming up broken, hadn't noticed it until now. EDIT: Derp, i rtard
  8. *curtsie* *Bows before the world-wide watmm stage*
  9. I fell for that as a tell when Richrud was uploading, it's not a worthwhile indicator really. While the RDJ SC was uploading the asthmacid acct was in perfect sync and I took that as partial proof, turned out to just be that wonderful pattern recognition we all have hard-coded in our brains. Basically like 100k or a billion people are uploading within a timeframe that SEEMS like it fits with any given other user on any given day. I was pissing myself while my beloved find was uploading in perfect sync. It was only after the dust settled that it was obviously coincidence.
  10. MAZE 3 is soooo good. I bought a grip of his other records (vinyl) after hearing MAZE2 and wasn't nearly as into them as this series. Acid Rain = such a banger. Really amped that pt 3 is IMO even better than the preceding two. Hopefully they get cut to vinyl :) Such a good sound, mondo bass. Those FAT synths ooooh
  11. Just realized RDJ and Soma had a mini convo in response to Soma saying "skin up, cunt!" on 1 nocares @somadril: just did..i mean u just did and im smoking it now and your asleeeeep This is the user 487 acct response on 1 nocares.....
  12. Drukqs = best album of all time as far as I'm concerned. Nothing is even 1/10th as amazing. Reckon the meh reviews were because most of the world just wasn't ready. So the way I see it RDJ just said "fuck y'all, I'll be back in like 15 years and see if you get it then". And by now he's taken the nth level to another dimension. Probably he just decided on a 10 year delay between when he makes an album and when he actually releases it bahaah. That way we sheep can actually wrap half a head around it
  13. Someday you'll be stumbling around the wrong dark ally in the wrong third world country.... A group of hoodlums will appear in the dim light to your front whilst another group materializes to your rear. "Oh balls" you'll think. You're fucked. Proper fucked. Non-proper too. Totally fucked. They've surrounded you. They pull out weapons and tell you to hand it all over. They're probably going to extort your family for much moneys, and they say as much in a half-known language. You give them your wallet that says "bad mother fucker" on it. You are not a bad mother fucker. They m
  14. It just hit me how seemingly personal this is.. RDJ could have charged YOU $100 to have these tracks. To listen to his music, he could easily have asked for money... And we all would have happily thrown it his way. We're talking about 100+ beautiful tracks. Instead 0 money is exchanged. Here I am listening to new(old) AFX because HE took it upon himself to give it to each and every little boy and girl. Like every day people play music for each other for free, duh. But how often does someone at that level give away so much? Really hits me. I mean I'm sure he's got more m
  15. MOARRR??? *faints* Like 2 more albums? I'm going to need more drugs. Dulc Dub, such a banger (as if all weren't)
  16. Someone who grabbed the original acct name after AFX switched apparently
  17. Some of my favorites follow the general theme of gentle > chaotic > harder/more chaotic/stressful > intense overload uncomfortable nearly sweating > beautiful gentle melody. They'll go through this in the course of like 30 seconds. The initial gentle/beauty is nice, but it's the one at the end you suddenly appreciate so much.... And only because there was that "strife" leading up to it. In context suddenly it's SO much more gentle and soothing. Some of his albums even seem structured like this on a track to track level. I think that's something that he does better than anyone
  18. I made the thread, and I wasn't the person asking about handwriting. Aren't all of them bunk so far? Except I guess possibly this latest one that the afx acct then responded to's spammy-post by posting the vibert mix? Or did I miss something? Clearly asking for a handwriting sample and then immediately following that a bandcamp popping up sort of using handwriting as authenticity is pretty gdam fishy. Not only do I hope that person gets sued, I hope they get seriously fucked up. That's lower than low... Not to mention stupid as can be. He's asking the very people who would actually give a
  19. That's really helpful, thanks for your phenomenal insight Ivan. Someone was listening to "fake" Aphex Twin when he had just put out 2 new albums too. Now you've got 109 tracks to listen to. It's not out of the realm of possibility. Plus the 109 tracks and 2 albums aren't going anywhere, soundclouds won't necessarily stay around.
  20. Seems a bit "promotey" to me. Too many friends tracks and whatnot. The second you follow them you've got a bunch of other people jalapeño feed. Doesn't lend much credibility (because some affiliated people are obviously garnering attention byway of that acct getting adds)
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