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  1. Interesting note... The soot men where going in/out of a "Convenience Store". There was a sign above the window or door. In the earlier series, Mike mentions to Coop that he and BOB lived above a convenience store when they were committing their crimes.
  2. bleep ppl can't be that clueless. if so, they'd mess up more than this release. It's by request as a LOL from RDJ, my guess
  3. "21 Forgotten T" sounds like it came from the Bradley Strider sessions/setup. Esp the drums... Sounds like same kit as Robot B2 trk
  4. I've been wondering about this too. Most of the tracks have a very well rounded and full sound to them. On the other hand, the loudness levels are all over the place from track to track. Yeah, I agree... volume is all over the place. As a whole, I don't think they've been mastered... yet. But some tracks do sound full & beefy. (Dark Girl/Boy for example) ... so maybe some of them in the past where grouped for bonus or ep track mastering, but never used.
  5. I posted about it, probably earlier mix. ...also day breaks remix is dope. Ah... Good deal. Tough to keep up :) Thx on the remix.
  6. hi watmm... finally re-made my account from years ago. no one will remember me. I did have a track as rusuden on the Vol 1 CD comp. :) anyway. def exciting times. I've been following everything as a lurker for years. just wanted to mention as someone else did... that "21 Hapshifter1" is the AB5 track, but it's a different version for sure. Like, it's all the same musical components... but a different mix/recording altogether. A different take... I'd love to hear more alt versions of tracks.
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