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  1. Tonights ATL show was dope. Visuals were very nice and the mix of live violin through fx really sealed the deal for balance and presence of texture. Overall a wider ranged set of songs than I expected. I don't have a setlist but many years of Plaid represented. Was a bit of a short set but I loved seeing it live. If you can make it to one the US shows near you, do it.

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  2. I still have a Avril 14th mix up. I mirrored it with the backwards written release he posted in the dump, reversed, and then played slightly after. It creates a kiss off effect of sorts. Anyway I like it, I am surprised they have not taken it down yet. 

    Or the cyroclont1000 mashup from the 6.9. tracks on the album. I did not make this mashup. Someone here did, I just re-uploaded them to my account. Still there. WITH DOWNLOAD LINK TURNED ON. 

  3. So today Soundcloud began placing ads into listening sessions for desktop users. They put this in practice in the past for a bit to encourage PRO account and GO account subscription sales. But then they took it away for the free desktop user accounts. As of yesterday they put it back in play. I have found so many artists from WATMM through desk job day listening and playlist making on soundcloud. Was hoping I could get some suggestions for replacement sites with free all access listening ability accounts for desktop use. Or everyone's favorite spot. I have enjoyed making mixes and discovering all you beautiful bastards amazing work.

    I know this forum offers plenty to sift through, but soundcloud will still have people upload raw, quick, wip takes the moment they really want to hear a spit out. I love stumbling onto that stuff (also yes, i check the WIP tab all the time) and I figure aside from getting private clyp links from friends there is no better place for that type of sifting. Thoughts?

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