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  1. Oh nice. I never noticed this before.
  2. ALL TRACKS THAT FIT TOGETHER disk hat ALL prepared1mixed 13 snar2 diskhat1 disk aud1_12 diskhat2 THESE TWO TRACKS FIT TOGETHER APART FROM THE OTHER 5 hat 2b 2012b 0035 1-Audio THESE TRACKS HAVE SOUNDS SIMILAR TO BOTH SETS OF MATCHING TRACKS DISKPREPT4 hat5c 0001 rec-4 piano un1 arpeg disk prep cleric band dance [slo] DISKPREPT1 THIS IS THE ONLY ONE THAT SEEMS LIKE A STAND ALONE piano un10 it happened (this is the hardest one to place) I think they all fit together as one long song. Somehow. I think if they do not fit together as one long song they are meant to fit together some other way. Multiple songs? Why would the pairs that fit FIT so well (like the syro tracks) by coincidence? Just seems highly unlikely. I love that Friends episode, but I hate Friends.
  3. The talking exists in the beginning of Diskat ALL and also through out the Diskprept 1 track. I can't tell what they are saying in either track.
  4. Starting to really think those hiss marks represent when different stems pop into the overall track mix. The more I listen to it the more I hear the same parts across all the stems. Still working on it.
  5. I know right! The shifting parts from one headphone back to the other call and response shit. It is nutzzo.
  6. This is much closer to a rough sketch of the entire complete all stems combined hidden piece compared to what I have uploaded to soundcloud. Everything makes an appearance. The offset drumming makes it very insane to try and figure out. Very 3D sounding. This picture is by no means final. TONS of fuck ups all the over the place. Listening to it as shown in this picture will only reveal the sketch of how all the pieces fit together. This picture has sounds jumping all on top of one another and possesses little to no tightened up locked groves when all parts are going at once. The two pieces I posted are much more locked by comparison when separated, but I know they all fit, I can hear it. It is just a rough sketch right now, but very insane and cool. Happy to finally start hearing all of the parts being used.
  7. Starting to hear a lot of my mistakes in the A and B spit out placements. Making adjustments. Still can't quite place all the stems but I know the effort is going to pay off. I am slowly hearing everything fall into place. Holy shit this is amazing!
  8. I also mixed those two syro tracks. I think those also are supposed to be played together. But the mixes I heard people upload had cuts. These I am putting up are just the tracks as they were released fused together. Mine sounds like this: https://soundcloud.com/charliebrownsandersiii/syroclont1000
  9. I just can't wait to hear the actual track. Or any track(s) that may be sitting inside of old drukqs tracks. Hopefully I will have it sorted by the end of the weekend. The CCAIP 2 track that is. Not so much the drukqs idea. Not even going to start trying to mess with that until this is finished.
  10. No tapes. Everything was built with instrumentation direct in, or software instruments, or samples. Nothing was micd. Nothing was processed outside of the computer.
  11. Awesome textures through out this whole EP. Vex is my favorite track.
  12. The matching parts in the back ends of both A and B and the fact that THIS much of it is fitting together and the fact that I can hear it, but I can't quite align it in place. Also the fact that all the stems/tracks have this audible hiss, almost like cue marks. I have not been going by those yet, just been fitting things together that look like they fit based on change ups in the waveforms along the more completed tracks matching up with the exact lengths of some of the shorter tracks.
  13. I am not much closer today than I was yesterday at wrapping this Rubiks Cube up. However I wanted to just put it out there again that this indeed is ONE TRACK. The only off shoot that might stand alone is the "it happened" pretty piano piece. I still think it fits in somewhere though. I am posting a picture of where I have everything placed so you all can see how this stuff is fitting together an give anyone who wants to help out a visual roadmap. Not sure how long these tracks will get to stay up on soundcloud Part A: https://soundcloud.com/charliebrownsandersiii/a-1 Part B: https://soundcloud.com/charliebrownsandersiii/b-1 I know part B is WAY off, but you can start to hear how some parts are intertwined, showing up across multiple stems, and where they COULD be locking together. Just a rough sketch of where these things might sit. Part A might be off a bit too, but not as much as B. ALSO take note in the back end of both part A an B. They have the same thing going on. I just can't see how they fit together. Main reason I can't connect them is because I am positive the individual pieces making up both of the two parts (A, B) are not fitting in the exact places they should with in their own compositions (A, B). I am going to try and match up parts individually between the two sections and work in the 2 missing stems.
  14. Ok. I am getting much closer now. There is definitely one massive track. I know all the individual items in both halves connect within themselves. I know the second half attaches to the first, somewhere. I am working out exact placement for each individual item in both halves first, then I will figure out where they connect together. I know they connect though because you can hear the change up in the back end of the diskhat ALL prepared track. The ONLY odd man out is the piano it happened track. Still could fit in there somewhere but I am starting to think it is the ONLY stand alone stem. But, it could fit. We shall see. For anyone interested in hearing the first section (even though that spit out is old and not totally accurate, but you can get the idea) I posted two options of them in the aphextwin subreddit. There are two threads about this topic there. A user named SALT1NES was the first person I noticed post something about any of the parts working together. That is where the original soundcloud clip I posted earlier in this thread comes from. SALT1NES soundcloud upload. Not sure what policy is here about posting reddit links. You can dig for it though in that sub. That is where they are posted if you just want to take a listen to what I had figured out as of last night. OR. For a more updated version. You could just as easily re-build the photo image I am uploading here and listen to it that way. You just have to zoom in and match the starting points for the waveforms to figure out the exact placement but my photo should make it pretty simple. Well, relatively to how hard it has been for me anyway. ;) This. Is. Fun. Who wants to start working on the Drukqs tracks?
  15. About the stems thing though. I have found the missing link I believe. The diskprept 1 track has the same change up in the back end of diskhat ALL prepared. 1/3 of the way through. The diskhat tracks that I have fused together combined with the fact that the diskprept tracks fitting together with some of the hat tracks and the audio track; tells me this is one long song. The really pretty piano 'it happened' part is the hardest one to figure out. As far as the two piano trill parts I believe piano un 1 goes at the opening and the shorter one disk aud 1 12 goes against a small section in the diskhat ALL prep track. I am not sure about the exact placement for piano un 1 at the beginning, or the diskprept 1 placement at the end, but I can hear and see that they fit into those areas of the song. Honestly all of my placements could be off, but I know I am close. To recap thats 12/13 recognized to fit together. 7/13 some what placed. 5/13 most likely placed. Really would love some help trying to figure this out.
  16. Here is where I am with placing everything together. Not sure if I am looking at two tracks split up or just one.
  17. Right. Just read through all that. Been trying to put the tracks together as one piece all day. I have 5 of the 13 parts "in place" as far as I can tell.
  18. I am fairly certain every track belongs together as one piece of music. CCAI Part 1 was the potential name I was suggesting as the title since it has come up in the thread, "Where is part 1?" My questions is if all the tracks do fit together to make just one track is the title of the track CCAI Part 1?
  19. Does it make sense that once its all put back together to call it part 1? Perhaps? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  20. Yes. I am pretty sure. I am working on fitting as many together that I can detect.
  21. Did someone else already post about this here? https://soundcloud.com/officialyonge/diskhat-3-diskhat-1-diskhat-2
  22. Levitation is a collaboration effort between three artists. Jack Vogt, Omari Jazz, and Vawter. https://steppepper.bandcamp.com/album/levitation
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