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  1. Where will the visual components exist for this? I am dropping bullshit on my facebook all weekend if you are interested in chiming in! https://www.facebook.com/cholliebrown
  2. I have to have these Trish sessions.
  3. Yeah this NOW set is just perfect for my morning.
  5. Fuck yes this is getting so goooooood.
  6. Anyone know what the BOC set title refers to?
  7. Working on a new project with a friend. Let us know what you think.
  8. https://store.steppepper.com/album/acid-summer
  9. he shoulda played the mash up syrobonkus version that he has not openly acknowledged as existing.
  10. fringerviv

    500 Trax

    So I compiled all of the pre built weekly soundcloud playlists for about 4 months into one mix. It's 50 hours of about 2 years of curated sound I have been looking for on soundcloud. You all know what my mixes consist of normally. I wanted to see what soundclouds algorithm would spit out based on this activity. I am listening fresh with everyone. I hand picked the last 14 trax on the mix. https://soundcloud.com/xizyzi/sets/mixed-lists
  11. fringerviv

    Box It Up

    Going to be adding daily playlists to my account. Here is an example of one I am making today.
  12. FEEDBACK REQUEST Do y’all like these mixes I post here? I don’t want to spam, just looking to post wherever I think a potential audience might be. This (imho) is ground zero since it’s usually members of this community. Just wanted to know if you see posts like nat buzzing around your ear or good tunes flowing into your ear. Thanks for feedback. It has been a fun two years of discovery. Hoping to do more, possibly a weekly live dj’d show VS posting these. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. Aside from my 2018 soundcloud mixes. Yall fire as hell. Some other stuff like Pissed Jeans, Total Control, ZZ Top, Octagrape, Hot Snakes, Low; etc.
  14. Top 200 Trax of 2018 mix. Tell all your friends. Lets do this! https://soundcloud.com/xizyzi/sets/besofthebest-2018

  15. Top 200 Trax of 2018 mix. Tell all your friends. Lets do this!

  16. Tell all your friends. Some good stuff in here.
  17. BOC IMMINENT (but not for real) but yeah? please? maybe? where the special quest mention. which is obv BOC? DO they need to make another statement as a group. Is Tomorrow's Harvest the last thing worth mentioning? wouldbesosweet
  18. SO, not new trax? Just mixes of all the soundcloud stuff and extras. Ill take it.
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