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  1. I have unused download codes for Geogaddi, Campfire Headphase and In A Beautiful Place Out In The Country and Trans Canada Highway from the vinyl reissues. I don't need them because I have the CDs. Id like to trade them for some stickers, if anyone has any. PM me http://i.imgur.com/nl6gG4x.jpg
  2. Hey there; I got some spare stickers I don't need. Is someone willing to trade with me for some Boards of Canada or Aphex Twin Stickers? Take a look a the stickers here: http://imgur.com/p8448cM.jpg Greetings from Germany
  3. No it did't leak it's the music the two gangstas play in the intro of the Windowlicker video. It's a very cool hip-hop version of Windowlicker with some sick scratching.
  4. The break used in this track is: "I'm glad you're mine" by Al Green. I don't know if it's used in minipops though.
  5. unless they're lying in their interviews, BoC have been making music basically full-time since the late 1980s ... they lived in a commune (for most of this time) and made a ridiculous amount of music. i'd guess they have roughly as much stuff as RDJ. and even if they have less, i'm guessing it's higher quality than a lot of this Aphex soundcloud stuff ... I worked through most of it today and obviously 2/3rds of the tracks are crap (which is fine, that still leaves ~100 quality tracks; thanks Richard!). i find that incredibly hard to believe, and I've read those claims in the interv
  6. He changed his soundcloud description to: "this is my only sc account btw, apart from the aphextwin one".
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