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  1. bought mf dooms first record but it was remastered and sounds awful like way too much high frequency going on its actually hard to listen to 😕

  2. ACTUALLY cant get off aleksis cycles project; break the cycle

  3. https://aleksiperala.bandcamp.com/album/cycles-5 This is really cool!!!! My fav of the cycles series right out the gate!
  4. https://abdullahminiawyxhvad.bandcamp.com/releases "Notice a Tiny Scratch for the Blue Behind" Not what I was expecting him to release but I'll take it. Last year Hvad teased a completed double LP but it never came to light. Maybe it will appear on his new label ULLLU?
  5. considering paying the $10 just to annoy that one guy w my flamboyantly colored artwork

  6. member when the pandi first kicked off and it was ae showreels for days

    1. chronical


      ha that was mad 🙂 the boys sharing some wholesome isolation with the fans

    2. Paul


      it was a wondrous mixture of excitement and uncertainty but those streams were so legendary for me. My job effectively ended and I was trapped inside with endless great music and a hefty amount of cannabis. ❤️ coulda been worse i guess

  7. astrobotnia part 2 wavs r really all i need in life

  8. on that NOTE i just supported aleksi on bandcamp

    1. chronical


      here's your "aleksi support" medal :flower:

  9. this one def does it for me more than the last 2 tabla things. ill admit it does start to run into a wash with release after release like this but i thought this one was refreshing. idk tracks on his earlier releases just really hit me with that wow factor these seem a little tame at moments maybe he needs to do some acid again or something. he DID post on fb saying that releasing so much content also came out of a necessity.
  10. "Beep Street" sounds sad some days.

  11. i like shpongles! i also like tipper.. sadly festival culture is not immune to shit stains runnin' their yap. (i have a pretty big bone to pick w festival culture in general but thats for another thread)
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