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  1. def cud use a 12 hr 'chre mix rite aboot meowΒ 

  2. I pretty much just listen to Griselda these days

  3. y tf did i buy a gangstarr album on amazon with a bitrate of 237 kbps (VBR) πŸ˜• ACTUAL sin. #FLACgang #WAVgang

  4. bought mf dooms first record but it was remastered and sounds awful like way too much high frequency going on its actually hard to listen to πŸ˜•

  5. ACTUALLY cant get off aleksis cycles project; break the cycle

  6. considering paying the $10 just to annoy that one guy w my flamboyantly colored artwork

  7. member when the pandi first kicked off and it was ae showreels for days

    1. chronical


      ha that was mad πŸ™‚ the boys sharing some wholesome isolation with the fans

    2. Paul


      it was a wondrous mixture of excitement and uncertainty but those streams were so legendary for me. My job effectively ended and I was trapped inside with endless great music and a hefty amount of cannabis. ❀️ coulda been worse i guess

  8. astrobotnia part 2 wavs r really all i need in life

  9. on that NOTE i just supported aleksi on bandcamp

    1. chronical


      here's your "aleksi support" medal :flower:

  10. "Beep Street" sounds sad some days.

  11. This one time I messaged Venetian Snares on Myspace essentially telling him his album artwork sucked and he should use my art instead. He never responded for some strange reason. Lol.

  12. made some xmas acid/braindance

    thnx !

  13. Restocked on 8 different prints just in time for the Holidaze!!
    Surprise your loved one with colorful artwork that supports independent art!! ✨
    I am also offering a limited print pack which includes all 8 prints for $50! πŸŽ„πŸŽπŸ¦Œ
    Find it at Etsy.com/Shop/PaulMez

    IMG_5593 copy.JPG

  14. Restocked on custom masks featuring my artwork!

    Get yours in time for XMASπŸŒ²πŸ“¦ πŸ™‚



    FF6706A4-649E-479B-AD5A-17964546281D copy.jpg

  15. Now, do i in the throes of nostalgia listen to this mix of the best of gta2 radio? yes, yes i do

    .. do i then go up to the roof, drunk, screaming 'i made you!' and, 'you're nothing w/o me!!!' that i cannot say.. but yes. yes i do


  16. Custom masks featuring my artwork.







  17. Plus Sign seeping into unconscious nicely πŸ™‚

  18. New custom masks for the psychedelically inclined family member or friend.




    Screen Shot 2020-10-20 at 5.26.21 PM.png

  19. Just received a yoga mat sample featuring my artwork "Numinous Star Child". Thank you to Metta-Mats for the partnership and for supporting an array of truly gifted artists, it's a blessing! πŸ™βœ¨πŸ‚ Follow this link to grab your very own Mezinskas Metta Mat: https://www.mettamats.com/collections/vendors?q=Paul Mezinskas



  20. "Prism Mysterium" limited edition, signed and numbered prints available at Etsy.com/Shop/PaulMez πŸ’ 


  21. who gives a fuck about being well rested for your job, stay up all night following ur dreams and go in the next day like u seen the devil, phuqm!

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Joyrex


      Easy to do when you're young... try when you're 46

    3. Paul


      Is it though? Because I see many young people around me utterly pissing away their existence. And I will.

    4. Paul


      Hey I thought more about your response. And I took it to heart. Thank you!

  22. Reminder that my Star Child Remixed T-Shirts go up for sale tonight at midnight!


  23. ya know what? phuqem!

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