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  1. y tf did i buy a gangstarr album on amazon with a bitrate of 237 kbps (VBR) 😕 ACTUAL sin. #FLACgang #WAVgang

  2. https://hvad.bandcamp.com/album/yug "HVAD - YUG :: Album is out now. get the limited 2 x LP on bandcamp. Out on @__ulllu__ Link in bio some words onnit: Copenhagen-based HVAD releases a new solo album entitled YUG, an electro-acoustic shrine. The double LP also serves as the second release on HVAD's newly founded, self-owned label ULLLU. The album YUG consists of nine separate tracks but breathes as one unified piece, presenting something for the brain, something for the body and something for the soul in alternating measures throughout the one hour long release. YUG is Hindi for era or an age of time, framing the musical material by HVAD made over the last few years. The album reflects a continuum of creating a personal, musical language; building a new home by drawing upon classical Indian instrumentation as well as electronics, in total making for an expression that has been the foundation of HVAD's practice for more than a decade. The cover of YUG portrays HVAD's grandmother and her two sisters, bringing to the foreground family roots as a cornerstone of the album, ancestral ghosts running through the music. As a prerequisite of eerie emotion, this weaves together material across a broad musical spectrum with both determination and sensibility. Some tracks are in steadfast 4/4 while others are stretched out in free form with each their pulse or ambience, always seeking ahead towards some place that is even more free than the last. credits releases June 24, 2022 Produced, recorded and mixed: HVAD / Hari Shankar Kishore Artwork: HVAD / Hari Shankar Kishore Lacquer master cut: HVAD / Hari Shankar Kishore @kommunaldubplate Mastering: @sixbitdeep Press words: Agnete Hannibal Pressing plant: @rpmrec _______ Thank you my love Hee Ja for all your support through this. ❤️" Really love (DJ) HVAD! I'm glad he put out something more rhythmic his last release i really struggled with but this is cool so far.
  3. bought mf dooms first record but it was remastered and sounds awful like way too much high frequency going on its actually hard to listen to 😕

  4. ACTUALLY cant get off aleksis cycles project; break the cycle

  5. https://aleksiperala.bandcamp.com/album/cycles-5 This is really cool!!!! My fav of the cycles series right out the gate!
  6. https://abdullahminiawyxhvad.bandcamp.com/releases "Notice a Tiny Scratch for the Blue Behind" Not what I was expecting him to release but I'll take it. Last year Hvad teased a completed double LP but it never came to light. Maybe it will appear on his new label ULLLU?
  7. considering paying the $10 just to annoy that one guy w my flamboyantly colored artwork

  8. member when the pandi first kicked off and it was ae showreels for days

    1. chronical


      ha that was mad 🙂 the boys sharing some wholesome isolation with the fans

    2. Paul


      it was a wondrous mixture of excitement and uncertainty but those streams were so legendary for me. My job effectively ended and I was trapped inside with endless great music and a hefty amount of cannabis. ❤️ coulda been worse i guess

  9. astrobotnia part 2 wavs r really all i need in life

  10. on that NOTE i just supported aleksi on bandcamp

    1. chronical


      here's your "aleksi support" medal :flower:

  11. this one def does it for me more than the last 2 tabla things. ill admit it does start to run into a wash with release after release like this but i thought this one was refreshing. idk tracks on his earlier releases just really hit me with that wow factor these seem a little tame at moments maybe he needs to do some acid again or something. he DID post on fb saying that releasing so much content also came out of a necessity.
  12. "Beep Street" sounds sad some days.

  13. i like shpongles! i also like tipper.. sadly festival culture is not immune to shit stains runnin' their yap. (i have a pretty big bone to pick w festival culture in general but thats for another thread)
  14. This one time I messaged Venetian Snares on Myspace essentially telling him his album artwork sucked and he should use my art instead. He never responded for some strange reason. Lol.

  15. Well, that's like, your opinion, maaan. zing! anonymous cunt strikes again haha
  16. what is happening with this 51.26kb max file size in this forum all of a sudden? this pic im uploading looks like shyte
  17. New ink drawing im working on for a coloring book series.
  18. made some xmas acid/braindance. been a while since i jammed out and made anything working mainly on my 2-d artwork stuff these days but had fun trippin out and making this one. friendsamples//volca beats & volca modular// reason 10// macbookpro laptop. unmastered and the mix is pretty rough, basically a wip but might evolve into something more refined.
  19. made some xmas acid/braindance

    thnx !

  20. Restocked on 8 different prints just in time for the Holidaze!!
    Surprise your loved one with colorful artwork that supports independent art!!
    I am also offering a limited print pack which includes all 8 prints for $50! 🎄🎁🦌
    Find it at Etsy.com/Shop/PaulMez

    IMG_5593 copy.JPG

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