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  1. Finished up this mural today here in Chicago paulmez.com
  2. i was commissioned to design a friends garage door 🤙 Still in progress hoping to be done with another days work #SprayPaint #Chicago
  3. Just finished up this commission piece Color pencil & Ink
  4. Smoke weed everyday!


  5. freakin loved it, full of niche jargon with celebrated whimsy // nice to see something lighter and apolitical
  6. Getting to the finish line on this new color pencil and ink piece. This artwork has really reinvigorated my sense of purpose and inspired new ideas for the next one! Remaining uncolored for years, it's been freeing adding a fresh coat of pigment. 🎨✨ . . #Prismacolor #Micro #VisionaryArt #PsychedelicArt #Symmetry #Prism #Colorful #Chromatic #ColorPencil #InkPen #ChiagoArtist #Mysterium #MixedMedia
  7. Reminder that my Star Child Remixed T-Shirts go up for sale tonight at midnight!


  8. I thought there was a recent vibert release on bandcamp with Balkan that was just a bunch of breaks for ppl to make their own jungle w, but seems to have gone missing? did i imagine this..
  9. ya know what? phuqem!

  10. fuck these mother fuckers, say it anyway!

    1. Brisbot


      You know you're right.... yeah I shouldn't care about what they say!!! So I'll say it and if they don't like it they can take a hike.... Godfather part 2 is overrated! There I said it.

    2. Paul


      Whoa! Speaking your mind! Love it! ❤️

  11. exp-noise podcast makes me wanna SHIT my pants! Cheers! ?

    1. Paul
    2. Paul


      please let me know who the other co-cunt is! thanks

    3. ManjuShri
  12. Giving up is for the birds... Fuck that, GO for it!!!

  13. love this, bought! "Lower" is nastyyyyy!! Love it!
  14. hell yea dude floppy disk that shit! i dont give a fuck holmes!
  15. u really wouldnt mind if you had a track that got a lot of attention, and then a bunch of other people played it for views, likes, follows and possibly buys?
  16. heard the aganjapolis remix this on exp-noise-weirdship pod episode7, had to drop everything the moment i heard it and re-remix with original aphex Ageispolis as well as ugly boy from die antword. thanx exp-noise-weirdshit ***I DID NOT CREATE ANY OF THE TRACKS YOU HEAR, I MERELY MIXED THEM*****
  17. its a beautiful day to be alive

  18. how u gonna complain about a 10$ power cord when ur over there eatin 19 bigmacs a week, directly supporting satan

  19. Ooo these are beautiful thanks for sharing, not aware of these
  20. Getting further along on this noisy bastard. Absolutely terrifying going in to add paint marker, but helped with contrast a lot. Graphite, Black and White charcoal pencil, black india and white ink, and fine tip paint marker. Sent this to my brother he mentioned it looked like a giant cock. I mentioned I should name it 'cock n balls' good marketing. Will probably end up being named something hippy dippy like 'torus' Mothers Day ad I was running: Thanks Mom experimental, abstract, mixed-media, part of a series of pieces that were all about emotion, connection, not nearly as clinical and methodical as my usual work. definitely heavy therapeutic sessions.if the art being made isnt healing, maybe something isnt working #Kandinsky #ColourTheory #Form #Content keep creating, friends. fuck these fucking fucks ❤️
  21. Getting closer on this canvas piece. Charcoal and graphite on unprimed canvas, starting to add white and black ink highlights. The dilemma is whether or not to retrace all the lines with pure black ink, leaving the blended graphite portions showing? We'll see!
  22. Happy Bicycle Day! #BlameHofmann

  23. I added drums to user18081971 track tha2: User18081971 – Tha2
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