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  1. Getting to the finish line on this new color pencil and ink piece. This artwork has really reinvigorated my sense of purpose and inspired new ideas for the next one! Remaining uncolored for years, it's been freeing adding a fresh coat of pigment. 🎨
    #Prismacolor #Micro #VisionaryArt #PsychedelicArt #Symmetry #Prism #Colorful #Chromatic #ColorPencil #InkPen #ChiagoArtist #Mysterium #MixedMedia


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  2. Getting further along on this noisy bastard. Absolutely terrifying going in to add paint marker, but helped with contrast a lot. Graphite, Black and White charcoal pencil, black india and white ink, and fine tip paint marker. Sent this to my brother he mentioned it looked like a giant cock. I mentioned I should name it 'cock n balls' good marketing. Will probably end up being named something hippy dippy like 'torus'


    Mothers Day ad I was running: Thanks Mom


    experimental, abstract, mixed-media, part of a series of pieces that were all about emotion, connection, not nearly as clinical and methodical as my usual work. definitely heavy therapeutic sessions.if the art being made isnt healing, maybe something isnt working #Kandinsky #ColourTheory #Form #Content



    keep creating, friends. fuck these fucking fucks ❤️

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  3. Getting closer on this canvas piece. Charcoal  and graphite on unprimed canvas, starting to add white and black ink highlights. The dilemma is whether or not to retrace all the lines with pure black ink, leaving the blended graphite portions showing? We'll see!



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  4. On 4/5/2020 at 1:34 AM, KingBo0 said:

    Why'd you sample aphex twin? ? It always strikes me as super obnoxious when very recognizable samples are used, especially if they're coming from the same genre as what you're making.
    Other then that I think the track is very enjoyable. Very bouncy, and very enjoyable overall!

    I really only used the sample because i thought it sounded cool. I sorta knew i'd get some criticism from this community for it which is ok! Thanks for checking it out partner ?

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