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  1. Getting closer on this canvas piece. Charcoal and graphite on unprimed canvas, starting to add white and black ink highlights. The dilemma is whether or not to retrace all the lines with pure black ink, leaving the blended graphite portions showing? We'll see!
  2. Happy Bicycle Day! #BlameHofmann

  3. I added drums to user18081971 track tha2: User18081971 – Tha2
  4. Just a few different works to keep the energy flowing!
  5. I really only used the sample because i thought it sounded cool. I sorta knew i'd get some criticism from this community for it which is ok! Thanks for checking it out partner ?
  6. Paul

    Untilted Tattoo

    even though its a digital graphic the artist could still just use a stencil methinks.
  7. Thought I'd post some of my recent quarantivities .. if anyone is on 'the gram' i'm @mez_paul , been trying to post more crap lately ?
  8. Hey thanks! Tried to give it a bit of a growl ?
  9. Experiencing a general sense of zest for life; Leaping into new art:


  10. .. been great! flavoring quarantine nicely
  11. Yess!! currently catching this stream
  12. Tremendous! Hoping for the upload soon ?
  13. lots of awesome stuff here! my latest one: "Neurogenesis" colour pencil & ink
  14. this mix has been my tyrant! obsessing over this new one.. only a little : )
  15. New album now live over at Glorp Records on Bandcamp. https://glorprecords.bandcamp.com/album/tan-sierra
  16. New EP "1234" by Helioscence out now "4 tracks by Helioscence Mixed, Mastered and Conceived by Paul Mezinskas Hand drawn script by Robert Chamberlin Script digitization by Zaid Estrada Album photography/art composition by Paul Mezinskas" https://helioscence.bandcamp.com/album/1234
  17. "A love ballad dedicated to the South Side Chicago neighborhood of Bridgeport." 2 tracks by Helioscence Script by Robert Chamberlin Script digitization by Zaid Estrada Photography by Casey Mezinskas Album artwork and music composition by yours truly. https://helioscence.bandcamp.com/album/ballad-of-bridgeport
  18. Paul


    You know what I think it might just stay minimal like that, i think more rhythmic variation would help some of the stagnation..
  19. Paul


    Yeah I've been multiband imaging each stem individually. Kick, Snare, Hats, Organ-thing, Voices, all have individually arranged multiband stereo-imaging happening. Definitely a bit carried away, It's like, each part already has a 'natural' image so I probably pushed it to far from what it is. Have to keep thinking about it/experimenting.
  20. Paul


    Hey check this out now that I think about it I've been moving the stereo field around on each stem which probably lends that wonky, off-kilter eq feel. Might be okay individually or if it were more subtle or maybe if that happened at the very end up top on the master. I'm going to attack that after the ole grind! That is pretty cool I'm going to play with that ideaR
  21. Paul


    Thanks so much for the feedback, really! So the kick does have this panning effect attached to the end of it giving it that swinging feel but i see how that could make the mix muddy or confusing. I also eq'ed a bunch of the high end of the kick to bring the static-y aspect of it's distortedness out, but maybe that just further crowding things? Thanks for your comment on the structure and flow of the track. I think i put too much emphasis on the coolness of the sounds and not enough on variation or coherence of the arrangement. Hey thanks for the feedback!
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