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  1. "Sippin' on some syrup"

  2. Music gifts emotions you otherwise, could not.

  3. Rainy/gloomy overcast sky here in the south side of Chicago.

  4. Clark in Chicago.

    1. Joyrex


      Clark and Truise here in Houston tomorrow!

    2. Paul



  5. Pouring over the April TOOL newsletter.

  6. Creating original beauty or just expressing more love for XMAS_EVE???

  7. Pouring over the April TOOL newsletter.

  8. Bought Windowlicker for $1.29; A life time of enchantment.

    1. hoggy


      I stole it from HMV - I'm not proud but it's true

  9. Called in sick to work so I could work on my tracks instead.

    1. Paul


      ::Exports track and listens back on menagerie of audio devices::

  10. It's Saturday in the morning time.

  11. Today is friday.

  12. I will not pee until I make all the posts.

    1. Hugh Mughnus

      Hugh Mughnus

      You will have a very enlarged painful bladder.

    2. popiax


      hold your wee for wii

  13. Slightly anal about wiping down my Sennheiser headphones.

    1. Hugh Mughnus
    2. Joyrex


      Slightly headphone about wiping down my anal

    3. Paul


      I am wiping my anal down. Headphones.

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  14. The atmosphere here in Chicago today is melancholy, "Corc" from AE effectively encompasses that feeling.

  15. All I want for X-MAS is Astrobotnia Pt. 2

  16. ::Inoculates WATMM w/ Love::

  17. Just put that Polygon back on and plunge into the creative vortex.

  18. "Me and my mates make windows"

  19. Old CD player finally belched out my Shobaleader CD, replete with weird glue.

  20. Perfect Anal Lord weather.

  21. Can't tell if I'm creating original beauty or simply unconsciously expressing my love for XMAS_EVE..

    1. AAAAh


      I don't know either Paul, sorry.

  22. The Campfire Headphase = Summer

  23. This one time my mom called BOC "underwater music" in a rage.

    1. Joyrex


      LOL, brilliant

  24. Don't just let your dreams slip away.

    1. triachus


      I'm at my 7th slip already

    2. timbre monke
  25. Stop makin' that big face!

    1. timbre monke

      timbre monke

      Gotta love 90s Aphex

    2. IOS


      C'mon little funny man c'mon little funny man c'mon little funny man etc

    3. KovalainenFanBoy


      stop making those chem trails !!!!!!!!!!!

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