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  1. Helioscence #Bandcamp page launch!
    This is my first official independent musical release.
    This is a two track e.p. in the genre of hardcore dance with elements of dub and electronica.
    Mixed, mastered and conceived by yours truly.
    I have a ton of unreleased work that will be made available to stream and buy over time.
    Thanks to friends and family for all the support as I open this new chapter on my creative path.
    Huge thanks to @bobbyearly for script design and @zd3strd4 for Bandcamp page design and layout.




  2. My introduction to RP! Continuing and in ways pushing the Chicago footwork/juke tradition DJ Spinn, DJ Rashad and countless others included RP himself laid the foundation for to new places. My favorite track is "u dont kno" great sampling, airy piano and tons of space. There are only a couple moments on this album when the repetitive nature the sampling actually feels repetitive. Overall love this release and has inspired to me to look back into more of RPs discography. Musical tasteful juke!

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