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  1. https://soundcloud.com/helioscence/acidhous3-phyletic-remix A remix I made of "AciDhOus3" a tune by my good friend Phyletic. Also includes samples from On by Aphex Twin. Created using Reason8 Essentials and Garage Band. 2017.
  2. ..This set will be cherished for years to come!
  3. https://soundcloud.com/helioscence/star-flower A spontaneous dance track spawned of unfinished remnants from friend Phyletic. The driving, positive vibe to this track makes it one of my personal favorites. Created first using the music production software GarageBand, then moving the composition into Reason8 Essentials to be fully expanded to completion. I hope this track encompasses something beautiful and moving for you, it has for me... Places where my art and music live virtually: Official Website: Helioscence.com Instagram & Twitter: @Helioscence Facebook.com/Helioscence Updat
  4. Found this mix quite unique and interesting myself.
  5. Proud to say I've listened to those webcasts, alot... Shiny gem indeed!
  6. This comment has always stuck with me, even years later.
  7. "Ecliptical Palace" Color Pencil on Illustration Board. Social Media @Helioscence
  8. As a visual artist the artwork was what first pulled me in. The audio seemed to match the image instead of the other way around. Feels dreamy with a lot of hopeful melodies with a futuristic electricity. Feels spacious like a cross-country drive.
  9. Had a Come to Daddy thing removed from SC and received a warning. Uploaded to UTube and it was fine. Put up a King of Carnival remix on SC and UTube both remained. Though that BoC tune is more obscure maybe?
  10. Nice observation, giving the tune another listen very unique rhythmically per usual.
  11. Paul


    Literally everything you need to know about this impressive plant can be found on Erowid. https://www.erowid.org/plants/kratom/ Check out the factual information and stray from the anecdotal stuff for a better perspective. Personally, as a bike messenger in downtown Chi-Town, Kratom has proved to be an incredibly useful agent for its alleviation of physical duress over long periods of time. I have also encountered the addictive side of this special plant and have combatted that with ordering smaller quantities at a time. (1 oz. at a time is perfect and can provide 30+ individual expe
  12. Interesting intro and transition into the actual thickness of the tune. The dreamy pads hovering over the top are complimentary to the doused drum kit sound. Dancey and futuristic and also a little melancholy.. Nice work!
  13. Absolutely love this selection of tunes, been grinding this one into the ground lately.
  14. Seeing the artwork would really help provide direction. It's like providing the artwork after people have created tracks would seemed disjointed, almost random when mixed together. Having a visual reference might also help inspire musical ideas. How does the artwork actually fit in with the theme for instance?
  15. I do find myself listening to my own tracks in the same way I would someone else's after they're completed. I also find the more memorable melodies bouncing around in my head. Rough takes I can luckily listen to throughout my work day and mentally fine-tune before returning and making composition adjustments. Older tracks can definitely encapsulate emotions and can be journalistic in that sense. The difference between looking in the mirror and listening back to your tracks is that you didn't create you. You're kind of still creating the picture as you go, like in painting. Feelings about a tr
  16. Sweet limited edition Syro Snare Drum
  17. Beatific heart opening hatched of light! I'm loving this release!
  18. https://soundcloud.com/hrrjn/nl273152301 been enjoyin this one
  19. yea nice just noticed the availability of the previews on bleepster
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