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  1. Literally everything you need to know about this impressive plant can be found on Erowid. https://www.erowid.org/plants/kratom/

    Check out the factual information and stray from the anecdotal stuff for a better perspective.


    Personally, as a bike messenger in downtown Chi-Town, Kratom has proved to be an incredibly useful agent for its alleviation of physical duress over long periods of time. 


    I have also encountered the addictive side of this special plant and have combatted that with ordering smaller quantities at a time. (1 oz. at a time is perfect and can provide 30+ individual experiences with proper dosing while also allowing the user to experiment with the effects of different strains)


    Overdosing is extremely unpleasant and can lead to strong nausea and blurred vision. Kratom also I've found is a particularly bad companion to alcohol. 


    That being said with a little respect and discernment the positives greatly outweigh the negative effects I've found.


    Happy Trails

  2. Interesting intro and transition into the actual thickness of the tune. The dreamy pads hovering over the top are complimentary to the doused drum kit sound. Dancey and futuristic and also a little melancholy.. Nice work!

  3. I do find myself listening to my own tracks in the same way I would someone else's after they're completed. I also find the more memorable melodies bouncing around in my head.  Rough takes I can luckily listen to throughout my work day and mentally fine-tune before returning and making composition adjustments. Older tracks can definitely encapsulate emotions and can be journalistic in that sense. The difference between looking in the mirror and listening back to your tracks is that you didn't create you. You're kind of still creating the picture as you go, like in painting. Feelings about a track are always shifting but I can appreciate seeing my growth trajectory over time. 

  4. Just saw this. Saw Tom in Chicago for Ufabulum! Really enjoyed what was happening live though Ufabulum itself hasn't been in rotation for a while. I can see a lot of elements from Ufabulum leaking through Rayc Fire 2 which is to be expected. There is definitely a simiar vibe but I am curious and will probably pick the release up. Return to this metropolis, TOM!

  5. Woohoo this is hilarious. Aphex Twins! Yes how arbitrary the award is etc. etc. but I think it may be useful in that at least there is a potential to get the music to a wider audience including the dipshitters who've never even heard of Aphex Twins yet claim to have the coolest eyebrow designs around?

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