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  1. Wow Aleksi has been really prolific with these releases!
  2. Just saw this. Saw Tom in Chicago for Ufabulum! Really enjoyed what was happening live though Ufabulum itself hasn't been in rotation for a while. I can see a lot of elements from Ufabulum leaking through Rayc Fire 2 which is to be expected. There is definitely a simiar vibe but I am curious and will probably pick the release up. Return to this metropolis, TOM!
  3. "It's underground innit?" Haha I seriously love this little bit rewarded greatly for listening closely
  4. I wonder who created the lovely beats at the end when the woman is talking? That would be a lovely lil gem to know
  5. Woohoo this is hilarious. Aphex Twins! Yes how arbitrary the award is etc. etc. but I think it may be useful in that at least there is a potential to get the music to a wider audience including the dipshitters who've never even heard of Aphex Twins yet claim to have the coolest eyebrow designs around?
  6. *Holds breath* *chokes on smoke* * calls mom on shrooms * *Holds breath* *chokes on smoke* * calls mom on shrooms * Your mom is on shrooms???
  7. 19 ssnb .. lusciously lathed ethereal goodness
  8. https://soundcloud.com/user48736353001/sets/all Looks like he organized 'em a bit in a new playlist!
  9. For me Envane has the best overall flow to it. The repetition and lathing of textural ambience has a very special place in my heart. Also well suited for bicycling or even something quiet like drawing I've found.
  10. Aww this is nice. We'll miss you Sasha! Check out the great documentary Dirty Pictures, it's all about the work that Sasha and Ann have done.
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