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  1. It's been a while! Yeeeei
  2. Nice new EP by these French guys. Original is very BOC vibes in a good way. Brainwaltzera remix rocks too. Listening to their old stuff too and luvin' it. Bandcamp links not active yet but soundcloud works. Bandcamp Soundcloud
  3. free download? did NOT know this. thanks for the tip
  4. Fair enough. I guess I meant that hes taken from many sides of idm/braindance and is creating something different from all of that. It doesn't sound like a direct copy of any one in guy specific. some may consider it worse and lesser than the originals but I definitely enjoy it as a combination of my favorite kind of music resulting in a unique voice (which is how i feel about burial's music too from other older scenes of course). actually i like it more than most new stuff in the braindance area that sounds technically more impressive for sure but more like direct copies of afx or boc. I have a similar opinion for that new bjarki album too by the way.
  5. Interesting. Was hoping for some reveals but guess not. Personally think it stands out cause not a direct afx rip off or copy like many others. bwe's influences are clearly not limited to rdj To me it sounds like what burial did with jungle and dubstep but for "braindance/idm". kinda like a distilled sound of all those influences.
  6. This is very promising. Loving the two preview tracks available on his bandcamp
  7. Bleep's top ten albums of 2018 are up with special edition versions available for each one. https://bleep.com/Bleeps-Top-10-Albums-of-the-Year-2018 Definitely grabbing that Skee Mask multicoloured vinyl!
  8. New Brain Waltzer! Nice... Previews sound dope
  9. Samesies. Probably 2nd favorite syro track. First heard it on this mix. Thought those adlib vocals in the beginning were part of the track and now keep hearing them in my head when I play the original. https://m.mixcloud.com/FouTrack/brainwaltzeras-guest-mix-for-tom-ravenscroft/
  10. Probably cause the guy deliberately chose track titles that look a lot like Aphex's, tried to make his soundcloud look and sound like it was Aphex's, and basically kickstarted his whole career by trying to make people think he was Aphex That left a bad taste in my mouth too, since i kinda fell for it initially, especially when Rich complimented a few of the tracks But with more listens the tracks didn't match up to AFX's sound at all and actually sounded a bit like all of "them" but never quite the same e.g. PolyAna sounds more like BOC to me
  11. Anyone playing the new Xenoblade who can tell me if it's good or not? Think I could use a JRPG in my life right now. Was thinking of Persona5 but the portability of the Switch is too tempting as long as the game is actually good.
  12. I'm surprised Four Tet didn't make this list. Also surprised they didn't push the Mount Kimbie album which like Kelela's was also on Warp. The Alessandro Cortini record is amazing and wouldnt have crossed my radar if it wasn't on this list though now I see it's on many others too. Would have liked to see World Building and Narkopop on here as well. As I was trying to come up with my own list of top albums I realised that most of my favorite music this year was on EPs or weird bandcamp releases - not to mention Aphex bleep store. As for the he-who-shall-not-be-named-on-WATMM aka brainwaltzera, I'm not surprised Poly Ana made the cut because they've been pushing the EPs and the LP on bleep a lot: all of them made "EP of the week" or "album of the week" on the store before this list. Edit: and he did a mix for them too: I've been a fan of this stuff from the soundcloud uploads which btw make up most of the music on all the records so far. Dont get why this is considered by many as a blatant rip off when most other new "IDM" artists sound a lot more like paint-by-the-numbers Aphex Twin than this (and I enjoy them too). Imao this record sounds more like a distilled version of the classic warp/rephlex sound, kind of what burial did with ol stkool dnb and early dubstep/bass music. No shame in that
  13. Looking forward to that Mario demonic hat possession game coming out this week
  14. Sounds really really good. Nice one. Definitely grabbing a copy!
  15. ...and to start a mix with http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p05h76br
  16. Same here. All last week. Mike you're a legend
  17. I think this is my favourite AF/EP so far and that's saying a lot! I wonder why they aren't doing full album releases on that label?
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