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  1. Seems genuine which is honestly cool to see. DrukQs is like a trial by fire for the uninitiated.
  2. The song is a beautiful mess and the more I hear it the more I like it.
  3. I almost pulled the trigger on an Ibis Ripmo AF when I was unsure if Canyon would get a restock before the riding season ended in my area. I know a dude who has one and he absolutely loves it. I would love to know what kind of Singletrack you guys have in Australia. Also good look on grabbing a Surly, their headquartered in my immediate area.
  4. Yeah I would say so. They are direct to consumer manufacturer headquartered in Germany so you can get a relatively high-end spec’d bike for less than you would likely pay for a similarly spec’d bike at the bike shop. I gotta say though, I think I’m gonna have to remain brand loyal after what happened with my first Spectral. I rode my aluminum Spectral pretty hard for about 3 years when all of a sudden while pedaling on a pretty flat segment of trail I heard a loud snap and found the rear triangle had cracked. I sent it to them with dented wheels, a dent in the rear triangle from an old crash, etc. in the off chance they would actually replace it. They deemed it was the weld and said they would hook me up with a new rear triangle and I was super happy with that. unfortunately they struggle with the supply chain like everyone else and after a couple weeks dude called me back and said “hey sorry we can’t get you a rear triangle due to the supply chain and we don’t normally do this but we’re just gonna cut you a check for the full price you paid for the bike and mail it to you” 😳 I took that money and threw in a bit extra on the CF Mullet you see now immediately after they came in stock about a month later. It’s Canyon 4 Lyfe now.
  5. My new(ish) rig. Still a Canyon Spectral but a little bit of a different beast (29” in the front, 27.5” in the rear, coil on the rear suspension, CF frame). Still feels like my old Spectral more or less which is appreciated.
  6. That’s a stellar Halloween shirt Rubin Just got this nonsense
  7. Blitzing through 2 seasons of Reservation Dogs atm. Not sure what compelled me to start watching it but I’m happy I did. A lot of Ojibwe and Lakota I met growing up always had a great sense of humor and were excellent storytellers so it’s a wonder why that sort of stuff has rarely made it on screen. Never been to the rez so it’s nice to have a show like this kinda introduce you to that world, and it was nice to hear that apparently the writers, actors and even the majority of the crew are actual natives as well. It definitely goes over the top at times but has some really endearing characters (Willie Jack is my favorite) and does a good job of throwing in some humor while also tackling some of the obviously darker shit native communities have to wrestle with. It’s not god-tier television by any means but it is a breath of fresh air compared to endless deluge of middleclass white/black American family sitcoms we’ve been bombarded with for the past half a fucking century. Felt good to have some jokes (blurred out owl eyes scene 😂)and slang go over my head for once. And damn I wish I had a William Knifeman in my corner as a spirit guide sometimes.
  8. As of right now I would say yes. Definitely worth watching.
  9. The Night Of The Ambush And The Pillage By The Queen Ann Styl'd Furniture, Animated By One Of The Dozen Or So Spells That Thee Eastern Vampyre Has Studied (T.N.O.T.A.A.T.P.B.T.Q.A.S.F.A.B.O.O.T.D.O.S.S.T.T.E.V.H.S)
  10. Playing Moss books 1, and eventually 2, on the Quest. Liking it more than the PSVR version. Speaking of PSVR though the PSVR2 looks incredible, especially with the foveated rendering technology. Can’t wait to get it.
  11. Watched Ti West’s X last night. Was a big fan of House of the Devil and the Roost though I feel like Innkeepers was kinda dull. The Sacrament and that western flick I liked but wouldn’t have placed them on the same level as HOTD. X, however, is his best work yet imo. Extremely uncomfortable to watch but has great shots and really does appear to be like an unearthed horror movie gem from the late 70’s. Great shots, acting, gore, suspense, etc. Can’t wait to see this prequel.
  12. Latest HOTD episode was a discomforting watch but probably the best episode of the season thus far.
  13. Beat Stray. Liked the concept, the music was great, nice aesthetics, etc. but very light on gameplay and puzzle variety imo. 7/10
  14. ‘Twas far from pretty, but the Irish Candyman secured the victory
  15. Candy Man’s got candy BARS🔥🔥🔥
  16. This weekend, the Irish Candyman Sam Hyde will be fighting on KSI’s boxing ppv
  17. https://www.instagram.com/p/CcZRhhEFUJV/?igshid=YmMyMTA2M2Y= sometimes pleas made from lower-tier wrestling events do get answered. sick.
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