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  1. https://www.instagram.com/p/CcZRhhEFUJV/?igshid=YmMyMTA2M2Y= sometimes pleas made from lower-tier wrestling events do get answered. sick.
  2. Beat RE4 VR and have to say they did a great job with that though I must admit I like the indie game “What Lies Beneath” even more due to the art style, novelty, and overall creepier atmosphere it had. I beat RE 4 many years ago but there was still a lot that I remembered which lessened the impact. Bought Demeo last night and played a game with some randoms last night. Gotta say, it was great. I never played any D&D or tabletop rpg type games, so this was outstanding. Looks like it has a ton of replay value with randomized dungeon layouts and enemies with new play throughs and the devs apparently doubled their team size and have been adding more content since it’s release. Although initially a VR game it also recently got ported for PC as a couple people I was playing with last night had that version. The campaign lasted about 2.5 hours. Super fun. Hopefully the community will continue to be as non-toxic as last night’s game. I would really recommend this game to anyone who is thinking of bringing that doesn’t have much room to move around in or is worried about motion sickness as this can be played seated. Or if you’re like me you can really zoom in and walk over the map.
  3. Resident Evil 4 VR on Quest 2. It’s great, but it’s actually much easier I feel in VR because the controls are so intuitive in full immersion mode. The intensity of a large group of enemies closing in is definitely turned up and overall it looks beautiful, or at least as amazing as you can make a GameCube game look. Such an oddly satisfying and equally bizarre trip down memory lane. It’s by no means perfect, but Armature studio did an excellent job all things considered and I really hope they’re granted the option to do similar work in the future. while I was without the Quest I played Hades, which I guess was my first rogue-like. I enjoyed that quite a bit as there is progression that can be made and you have a story unfold with a ton of dialogue. Art style is really slick too. Pretty cool. also was playing Disco Elysium until the quest 2 arrived. Not sure exactly how I feel about it. The music and art style is great, it’s extremely well-written, has really interesting characters, etc. but for some reason this game just fucking drags. Just endlessly running in circles trying to piece things together. It doesn’t help that the controls and movement overall are sluggish af either. Also some of the dialogue can get pretty mundane and last a lifetime as well. Super ambitious, great voice acting, etc. but at times it can be excessive. Outside of the pace of the game it’s a very fresh and unique experience.
  4. This album really bottles the mind
  5. Huge year for boxing but nothing has captured my imagination more than the Irish Candyman himself announcing his intentions to make his official debut. 6’5” 240 lb southpaw with a Glasgow shell defense stalking down opponents.
  6. Any Amazon Prime originals that are any good? The Expanse looks interesting.
  7. Whole video is murderous, especially this Funkhouser kid’s part at the end.
  8. Damn that’s beautiful. Wish I could play this version.
  9. Verified this. Some pretty songs on this one.
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