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  1. Got the sequel shot last Friday (Pfizer). Worse than the original, where I felt absolutely nothing. The 2nd shot’s effects came on about 24 hours after the fact. Soreness around the arm and ribs on the side where I got it, slight chills came on and a dull headache which eventually turned into a migraine. I have a history of migraines though so I was worried that would happen. I refrained from using any acetaminophen until about 140am because The last time I tried to ride out a headache with no meds it went on for like 3 days. Fuck that. Took a shot of NyQuil (yuck) and got some sleep. Woke up feeling fine. Don’t take acetaminophen if you don’t have to though, as you’ll get a better anti-viral response apparently.

  2. On 3/15/2021 at 11:19 AM, Soloman Tump said:

    Most IDM 2021

    Selling a gif and audio loop for 72.00 ETH then planting a forest to offset the carbon footprint of said gif

    Good luck topping this 

  3. I was sad when At The Drive-In came to an end. I remember picking up Frances the Mute and was not feeling it at the time for whatever reason. Didn’t know Deloused was actually their debut, had I grabbed that first that would have likely gotten me into them sooner. Anyways, really great band with a huge discography. That’s my riveting take on the situation really hope you guys enjoyed reading this bye.

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  4. 2 minutes ago, ignatius said:


    vaccine complications? oh damn. hope they reveal the actual causes.. so far listed as "natural causes". 


    he was a legend for sure. got lot's of exposure during his reign. i remember the commercials vaguely

    Tommy Hearns asked people to pray for him as he was struggling from the “after effects of taking the vaccine”. Shortly after he passed he clarified he wasn’t trying to take an anti-vax stance and Hagler’s death was listed as natural causes. Maybe he heard the wrong info at first? I don’t know. Not trying to spread rumors but that’s really messed up if true. Definitely a legend.


  5. RIP Marvelous Marvin Hagler


    passed away at 66 from complications from the vaccine (not sure if there were other underlying issues). One of the greatest from one of the greatest eras.

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  6. 28 minutes ago, theburglar said:

    Nice video! Looks like a great time.

    That wasn’t my music on instagram btw, I just shared a hiphop producer friend’s clip!

    Fun times indeed. Damn, I was excited for your spiritual successor to The Chronic 2001

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