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  1. 28 minutes ago, theburglar said:

    Nice video! Looks like a great time.

    That wasn’t my music on instagram btw, I just shared a hiphop producer friend’s clip!

    Fun times indeed. Damn, I was excited for your spiritual successor to The Chronic 2001

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  2. Collapse was the best audio visual pairing of anything I’ve experienced in the past decade. Richard and Weirdcore are the tag team champions of the world right now in my book. Hopefully they can bring their creations into VR at some point as well as I recall that being mentioned at one point...

  3. Had a close encounter with one of these dudes (edit: Long Eared Owl) biking through the snow beside the river. Big ass bird swooped down from above over my head and perched on a branch beside the trail. Got within about ten feet, stopped and locked eyes with it 👀 for about 20 seconds. Figured it was pretty chill so I went to pull out my phone and it ghosted me. I’ve seen owls on 3 times mountain biking but never that close.


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  4. Picked up my oculus quest headset and purchased and played through quite a few titles. I don’t consistently game but when I do I really get into it. The quest is pretty low-powered compared to PSVR but despite the gap in graphics and even AAA experiences the trade off for being completely tetherless is totally worth it.

    Lies Beneath- Loved this, the graphic novel style animation survival horror type world it throws you into is incredible. One of my favorite gaming experiences ever alongside Astrobot and RE7VR.

    Trover Saves the Universe- Stupid fun platformer from one of the Rick and Morty dudes. That show is hit and miss for me but I found this to have some genuinely funny moments and is the most self-aware and self-critical VR game ever. LOLd pretty hard when I realized a couple of the “puzzles” in the game were impossible to complete ( no spoilers but there’s a middle fingered way around this).

    Fisherman’s Tale- Got this on sale and while I am not huge on puzzle games this one was really cool and surreal without being overly aggravating at points with the exception of one stage in the game involving a matchstick.

    FitXR- Boxing rhythm game with options that can range from low to high intensity and from 3 to 20 min in length. This is actually an excellent work out. I do the 15 to 20 minute sessions that have you throwing jabs, crosses, hooks, uppercuts and also have you throwing up your guard, ducking, weaving, and switching between orthodox and southpaw stances for a balanced workout. This will not teach proper form or anything but it’s actually damn good cardio and will keep your reaction timing sharp. I just wish there were hooks to the body and an expert level with faster combos, dodging, blocking, etc.

    Thrill of the Fight- THIS SHIT RIGHT HERE? THIS will give you a LEGIT workout. I can confirm and have had others do the same. It’s a boxing game where you fight virtual opponents and even if you have good conditioning this game will exhaust you.  If it’s your first time playing it and you really go after it you will likely be sore for at least two days afterwards. Beat it a few times through but am currently trying to get through it on the “outclassed” difficulty setting and am getting KO’d on the reg. So cool to actually study the opponent, look for openings, see what kind of punches cause them to drop their guard, and then get countered anyways when you try to land full force up top 😆. I think it was only like $10 or $15 or something.

    Puzzling Places- With this new AppLab thing you can download select games that haven’t passed Oculus’ stringent standards in order to be a part of the officially curated store which includes free, paid and early access to titles. I’ve known of side quest for a while now but never sideloaded anything to my quest yet. This makes it much easier with the caveat being certain games won’t get approved for AppLab even (like Doom 3 for instance). 
    anyways, this is free and awesome. It’s a huge, 3D jigsaw puzzle of some monastery on a cliff side that took me about 2 hours to put together but was satisfying as hell. If they put out a full game I’ll buy it no doubt.

    Synthriders- super fun rhythm music game like Beatsaber with a good online multiplayer community. 

    Walkabout Golf- Oddly, this is one of my favorite games ever. Mini golf. Might sound lame but it’s phenomenal. Great levels that require some serious skill, ultra reliable in game physics, and a really cool way to get together with people and chat while having fun. So good. Like Thrill of the Fight it’s only $15 or something. 

    Battlescars- A 30 minute indie film project thingy that shows how much VR is going to change and facilitate storytelling in ways the classic mediums just can’t. This is a weird story about a couple of girls in the 70’s Punk rock scene in the drug-addled streets of NYC. Rosario Dawson voices the lead and while it is short, and not the greatest short film I’ve ever seen it was still really cool. A bit pricey at $5 but a lot of work went into animating this you can tell. Overall an enjoyable, and somewhat groundbreaking experience that I am very much cool with supporting.

    Population One- Basically fort nite vr. Really big online community. It’s fun, but dude I suck at these massive online FPS games. One surprising thing though is that after I get taken out, which I often do, spectator mode is incredible. It’s like having a full city scaled to action figures and watching warring factions of GI Joes strategize and take each other out, scaling buildings, jet pack gliding down off of massive structures while taking cover and shooting it out. Almost as fun to watch as play.


    Alright, I need to STFU apparently. /rant.


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  5. 8 minutes ago, yekker said:

    Alaska looks like a beautiful place. Like Vancouver Island but more so. 

     Yeah, my grandpa’s decision in his later years to visit there every summer really seems to make more sense these days. Tragic to hear of a guy that young exiting this life so early. RIP.

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  6. Was raised half a block down from the third precinct. Then moved down 5 blocks from there when I was 7 and it looks like the destruction has spread just 2 blocks away from there with the Hexagon burning down. Went biking around the old neighborhood just to see what state it was in yesterday and jesus christ this shit is depressing. I don't think the neighborhood will recover from this shit any time soon given the financial collapse and pandemic. Sorry to say but the guy that got shot should have seen that one coming. You think you're just going to break into Cadillac Pawn, which has been in operation for decades in a shitty area of Lake street and the owners aren't ready for you? Should have just stuck with Target or Walgreens.

    Honestly the worst part is seeing just how many small businesses, many of which were owned by minorities, got vandalized in the process. Imagine thinking you're finally gonna get to reopen in just a few days and you get hit with that. It appears you can't have protests anymore without some fucking anarchist morons and opportunistic knuckleheads looking for some short term gratification at the expense of long term consequences which are just going to further perpetuate the same shit that landed us in the situation before. The cops and citizens have never hated each other as much as they do now, that's for damn sure. Only good news I've heard is that they arrested the officer but I've got a feeling this asshole gets off lightly. Just waiting for the japanese murder hornets to arrive at this point. Fuck this whole year man.

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