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  1. Trigger me timbres Only 280 views? How did you even come across this?
  2. Pretty brilliant marketing and artwork behind this. It's definitely gonna move units.
  3. that sounds cute, I'm afraid to know what it means
  4. for real. it's either Jez listening to fences or Dave Noyze jamming out to a pond session's year
  5. should add this to my playlist. only spanish curse word that I use occasionally is ¡Mierda! and the ¡Miercoles! alternative isn't bad either favorite english curse word alternative is HORSEFEATHERS! trick is you gotta say it with real anger and conviction. people seem really fond of that one.
  6. I'd be disappointed if Jez didn't jam out to it after dave turned them off. Also, listening to dave's stuff is pretty damn cool. plus just because. so bizarre.
  7. in hindsight having a bass jump out of the water was a real missed opportunity on my part.
  8. Seriously. "Hey thanks for walking right through my playlist asshole. Watch where you're going next time!"
  9. We're out here worrying about the next Aphex Twin release meanwhile Jez has his eyes closed and lips puckered in sheer ecstasy listening to a loaf of bread can we get more updates on what inanimate objects Jez is listening to please? or at least a top five objects list?
  10. Not bad. Gives off some blackened, early ministry vibes.
  11. Took a couple months off from this album and came back to it recently. Sounds even better now. That was an important update and you've just been informed of it because you opened this thread and checked out this new reply. Consider yourself lucky. additionally, I came across this on youtube looking for T13 quadraverb not sure why but I really enjoyed listening to the Quadraverb work its magic on an Aphexian classic
  12. I'm not either. The gig is up, del dot. It's a nice track (especially the vocal stuff) but this isn't Richard.
  13. post contains italicized words and ends in ellipsis... confirmed(?)...
  14. it's not aphex... unless it's richard d. james imitating someone that's imitating richard d. james....
  15. Burglar, if you see this, is this just a coincidence or is there some weird shit going down in your magick cirkle? you must admit the evidence is pretty damning
  16. there are rappers now that claim to have never heard a song by Big or Pac. Even though that has to be complete bullshit the dismissal of 90's rap definitely means that Dad Rap™ is in the house. WOOP WOOP
  17. I would be far more afraid of a scenario where I'm restrained and have Danny threatening to drop the needle on Black Snow(extended mix) than any visit from that dollar store version of Freddy Krueger you just posted.
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