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  1. last one was my favorite, but these drums sound promising
  2. lel I'm laughing more than I should. nope. you should always laugh, live and love more apparently.
  3. Superhot. Fun as fuck but probably the most annoying tracking issues I've had in VR. Accounting+. This cost like $9 with the pan sale and was completely worth the price of admission. Just a really fucked up, ridiculous experience with a lot of hidden things to explore and mess around with. Played through it like 4 times already and happened upon some different shit and secret areas every time.
  4. Pretty sure they have the technology to do this. I'd subscribe to some weekly or even monthly Autechre broadcast without thinking twice ! The LP boxset would be a bit too heavy tho "90+ lbs of Autechre forklifted to your door step on a collectible 1.5' x 2' Southern Yellow Pine pallet bound together with limited edition galvanized nails by The Designer's Republic™"
  5. never really dived into their music but always appreciated the rock lobster song. I'll give one of their albums a listen at work for the hell of it. Also, as a kid the first time I heard the Dead Kennedys I was sure it was the guy from the B-52's side project.
  6. good lord this song is just infuriatingly awful ouch
  7. FUCKIN BETA CUCK!!!!!! Nice catch. I am much alol over this gentleman's name
  8. Can't wait to see in what form the detuned pads and acid lines come in this time go back to the autechre sub forum
  9. I remember when Richard posted this during the soundcloud phenomenon shit gets really weird from 1:53 onwards
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