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  1. barring a completely catastrophic divorce of course. which would still probably result in some pretty venomous diss tracks.
  2. Definitely. Also, looked at the cover and wasn't sure if it was just a goofy display but a quick googling reveals she's literally married to the beat, so that means a lot more quality material on the way.
  3. Finally listened to this start to finish and it's great. Jean especially, and the beats sound like they were meant to be rapped over by her. There's a new King Queen of weirdo rap.
  4. yeah I guess i didn't really know or care. and i actually enjoy some of deadmau5' music, so there's that too.
  5. someone slow this down 4x, add a sepia + showreel filter and replace the audio with Rhubarb immediately please
  6. flol off topic but pilotredsun is like the most under appreciated dude on this site. I loved that album.
  7. wow. faux fur sleeve and the those track titles too. They weren't even trying to hide the fact that we're literally listening to cat music.
  8. Autechre take over NTS Radio for a month-long residency throughout April 2018, presenting four two-hour shows of new and original Autechre music.
  9. I fucking loved whatever that was. those ghostly swells. Please let session 2 be a halloween concept album.
  10. so this is the best sounding thing yet by far. spooky as winds ripping through hellish soundscapes
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