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  1. ^real footage of autechre in their true form finally revealed?
  2. it's morphin' time first track is sounding pretty juicy
  3. this one really rocked my world. the cat's out of the bag now Richard. Rephlex Records DESTROYED and EXPOSED!!!
  4. more damning evidence provided by joshua of a nefarious feline master race presence within the experimental electronic music scene
  5. How deep down does this go with these guys/cats? autechre AuTeChre A u T e C hre C A T uehre u r CAT hee u CAT here? what does it mean?
  6. If dubstep, an american abomination of brainless dance music for extroverted simpletons has elected a deadmau5 (dead MOUSE) as their figure head, what would the polar opposite camp champion as their shining symbol of introverted genius? A live cat purrrrhaps?
  7. are we so sure that the people who make all this cool and unusual music we enjoy are even "people" at all? I'm not so sure they are tbh
  8. damn. so you're telling me these sneaky critters have been lurking in the shadows since at least 1997?
  9. boy it didn't take too long for the regret to kick in after clicking 'submit' on this baby
  10. entire albums devoted to them eps track art track titles samples https://exophobiaorgqebrus.bandcamp.com/track/--36 even clawing their way into new autechre everywhere you look there's a fucking cat. I think we're listening to cat music.
  11. New Rephlex Record End Of Year?
  12. Both videos were cool, especially enjoyed the second though. This is my first time ever hearing of Quelle Chris, seems like a cool producer rapper and a good fit for Jean. Cool thread Ivan.
  13. Jean Grae. There's a name I haven't heard in a long ass time.
  14. Nice that they followed Richard's lead in that if you buy physical you get WAVs free. The 8 CD box set with the 24-bit WAV is only $15 more than the 24-bit WAV elseq 1-6 is.
  15. Man, I felt like I went through some shit with RE7 in VR. Also, the east end gangster thing you're talking about is london heist which I haven't played yet but it received heavy praise when the psvr came out. If you liked that you may be happy to hear that the same devs are making a full game called blood & truth which looks fun. I really hope they pack the espionage stuff in there like the trailer suggests in spots. also, before you buy wipeout omega online its worth looking for a physical copy first as it was cheaper to buy a new physical copy than digital here stateside. Apparently
  16. It's outstanding. I feel like if you can handle rez you can do wipeout. Additionally there are a ton of comfort level settings that allow you to customize the experience. By default I doubt you would feel as sick as you did with Dirt. What about RE7? have you played that yet? Also, I think the demo discs are available for free download in the playstation store if you haven't downloaded those yet.
  17. Rez Infinite was one of the first games I bought and it really was a great feeling experience despite it offering nothing in terms of challenge. It was just a beautiful world to be in and easily worth the price of admission. Have you played WipeoutVR yet?
  18. I'm liking this more than CroMagnox, which was my favorite of his. Now if we could just get a preemo video to accompany his majesty's latest album... early favorite
  19. Is TrackamaniaVR even worth playing around with considering I have WipeoutVR?
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