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  1. cool video for a classic rolando track that will be on the upcoming forced hypnosis release
  2. Ahh ok. I've never heard someone do the coughing thing without firing a shot at whoever they were referring to. You're right in that getting exposure from day for night did definitely help out. I remember seeing his bandcamp purchases increase substantially after that set.
  3. sounding pretty passive aggressive here man, what's your deal?
  4. Team Gorilla Bass Player personally although I enjoyed the elephants playing the drums as well. So dumb.
  5. no parenthesis, brackets or numbers?
  6. Yeah I went with the double cd and I got this as well. Rarely buy clothing but it was too ridic to pass up. Legit hockey jersey with embroidered patches and in the Vancouver Canuck color scheme.
  7. Hear Me gave me SYL self-titled (3rd album) vibes for sure. brootal
  8. man these road map posters are really doing it for me for some strange reason
  9. The album arrived a couple of days ago, and was a great companion to a long bike ride through the city with the remnants of the polar vortex melting away due to the unfamiliar sensation of warmth accompanied by sunshine beaming down through clear skies. It's obviously its own thing but I'd say it's in the same family as Synchresta and Infinity in terms of how indulgent or meandering (mostly in a good way) it is. "Why?" is straight up Disney/broadway Devin Townsend and had me wincing pretty bad on initial listen until it finally got me on board somehow and is now one of my favorites. "Spirits W
  10. Richard said there's incentive in buying it from the AFX store and we've already witnessed that in the form of bonus tracks + Q&As. Impulses be damned. I can't fuck with Tidal.
  11. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U36c8fQFVzk
  12. most devin townsend thing i've ever seen. <3
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