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  1. Holding off on the leak is growing more difficult considering the amount of oOze surrounding this release can't hopefully can wait
  2. The idea of hearing RDJ's take on footwork is really intriguing. It's not like ambient, jungle, acid and dnb didn't exist before his arrival, so why would anyone be concerned about hearing his take on footwork? Going by his live sets Jlin has to be one of his favorite artists right now. He has played more of her songs in his sets than anyone else's and had her do a remix of one of his tracks too. Why wouldn't he create music with a newer style he enjoys so much?
  3. Holy shit can a quality version of this please leak already? I bought the limited edition vinyl Richard. Plus I just woke from a nightmare where I and a large group of people were sitting in stands (kind of ironic to begin with) outside an old bell tower when a gargoyle suddenly swooped down, causing hysteria and just viciously murdering the fuck out of everyone around me as we tried to escape. Just an absolute bloodbath from hell and the little dude was coming for me next. I'm no psychologist but I'm pretty sure that gargoyle represents the Collapse EP and I'm missing out big time.
  4. He's a good omen. Nothing but lolz and a supposedly amazing ass new aphex EP have followed him through the door.
  5. Goddamnit bleep. Oh well, I'm happy to hear people are really enjoying this. Personally I never would have believed it had a frolic rating of 23, that just seemed way too fucking gratuitous and straight up outlandish tbh but maybe it actually does. Cant wait to listen to the quality version with some nice headphones.
  6. Most next-level first post I've ever seen
  7. How can u not understand? I mean this track is a gift to mankind and a real bliss, alright. But why not complain about it anyway? What's so hard to understand in that? yeah, to me it sounds too much like aphex twin.
  8. lol That dog's bark still haunts my dreams to this day. Also, hat5c 0001 rev-4 is the weirdest and coolest shit ever. I hope this isn't the last we have heard of James' robots.
  9. starting @ 1:55 watching the video at .25 speed is pretty cool to see how the music and visuals pair up
  10. Aye but its also on his bleep store.. True - I suppose there are plenty of people who are still hugely into physicals, though. I know I'd end up listening to it a lot more if I had a copy of the LP. I've got one, never opened it :^) I'll give you a fiver for it. You misspelled favor (or favour as you spell it over there).
  11. If this behavior persists I will have no choice but to escalate this to HR. This is an unprofessional environment where associates should feel free to frolic and lol without consequence.
  12. It's close to perfection. but it's not complete perfection. that has only ever happened once in the world of idem
  13. Outshining? I think it's more enhancing the song than anything else. It appears to be a symbiotic relationship here with the music obviously augmenting the visuals as well. The song is beyond solid. It's awesome. The visuals are fucking great and as I haven't seen a whole lot of weirdcore's work it's fresh to me. The video helped out big time. I remember hearing that song in the dfn set and thinking it was cool but found the collapsing portion to be a bit of an awkward transition at the time. But now since Weirdcore did such a great job of visualizing what richard had in mind it all makes se
  14. Still available on the aphex store site. At least a couple minutes ago it was. You're an angel bro. Thank you.
  15. Watched the video a few times now and goddamn, what a beautiful video. Weirdcore's visuals complemented the song perfectly especially in the middle section during which what richard referred to as the collapse. It's cool to hear that richard is thinking in visual terms with his music but it's even cooler that he was able to find a more than capable visual artist in weirdcore. All his live sets have been enhanced by this guy and now we get a video that is just as visually striking, although completely different, from the iconic videos Chris Cunningham made in the past.
  16. Just got home and missed on the special edition tinfoil joint due to spending time with the fam. pm me richard. Also, just finished watching the video for the first time and listening to the song. THAT was what the fuck we needed. Mesmerizing both sonically and visually. One of the best videos I've seen in a while.
  17. I want to ask questions but fuck it, just gonna wait to see and hear it the way it was intended to be experienced.
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