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  1. I think that’s in part due to self-imposed limitations. I had a set range of sounds and stuck to them, which conjured up some melodies I wouldn’t have made with the usual gear. I’m working on a bunch of tracks now down in our holiday home and I’m stuck with the easy-to-grab pocket kit (303, volcas etc). Definitely sounds different! Nice. Seems like a cool way to force you out of your comfort zone. Limitations, aside from being a pain in the ass sometimes, often yield resourcefulness and creativity. Liking this new release and super excited for what else is to come. Oh, and World Bui
  2. Makes me want to check out the game. Also, it's cool that someone else's sounds were a part of the palatte used in making the music, there's a slightly unRolando quality to it that's hard to describe but interesting to listen to. Heard it 3 times now and a few tracks are starting to grow on me.
  3. This will console me as I've just returned from the azure waters, white sand beaches and historic fortresses of Colombia with my lovely girlfriend to... work. Fuck you, post-vacation blues. Rolando Simmons always puts me in a good mood. : )
  4. activity on SC https://soundcloud.com/rolando-simmons/echoes-in-a-little-head as pointed out by someone in the comments it shares the same vocoder line heard in the opening track off of Ná
  5. Season of the Witch was pretty sinister. I hated it as a kid but it grew on me over the years.
  6. I'm a Danny McBride fan but outside of the projects both he and David Gordon Green have been a part of I'm not really familiar with any of Green's other work. I'm hoping it surprises me. And how sweet would a Stevie Janowski murder scene be? one can only dream.
  7. in other news... probably gonna be less than stellar edit: not a remake actually.
  8. I have faith in your recommendation. The VVitch was pretty decent, but good lord did the babadook suck. no idea where all the hype came from for that film (not sure about here, but just on the internet in general).
  9. First time I've been legitimately excited for a remake in a long time.
  10. if you liked rez infinite people involved in that are behind the new Tetris game coming to psvr I'm sure it will feel magical
  11. being such a contrarian that you denounce IDM and embrace Cardi B on an IDM forum you literally paid to be a part of
  12. why is the guest always special? how many times have the special guests even turned out to be that special? be honest.
  13. edit: ^sweet bridge pic I know when cf fails it does so catastrophically if you don't see or feel the initial stages of failure, but is it really that common of an occurrence on road bikes? shit I'm still considering getting a cf frame on my next mountain bike though that seems way more sketchy (especially when you fall as much as my dumb ass does out on the trails). think I'll stick with getting the aluminum model and later upgrade to cf wheels and run tubeless instead this is what I want
  14. cause I'm a paper chaser or cause I'm a big fuckin slut? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bwa0vei2fWg
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