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  1. an Animals As Leaders song titled "The Brain Dance"
  2. That artwork, I tell you hwat What about it? you honestly think he's biting that cover art?
  3. yeah I gotta peep the rest, Conor Thomas always brings along a tasty set loving Warning anyhoo yeah I haven't even gotten to the opn track yet and I've been hell of enjoying this mix hell of
  4. damn, what happened to dunal? these track titles sound grim as hell.
  5. Yeah I was going mention this, what's that all about! he's from texas That's never a Texan accent - Sounds English with tinges of South African (and/or Scandinavian) C'mon man. Absolutely no one suspects this dude is actually from Texas. You don't have to listen to him, just take one look at the shirt. That shit probably wouldn't even fly in Austin.
  6. the person watching it I think
  7. had to watch like 4 cycles of that gif before I figured out what happened. Poor bear.
  8. In retrospect having the song being as shallow as it is was perfect for the video. He's strongly mocking current rap here. Wish he had incorporated some fake face tattoos though.
  9. I feel like Ceephax should have a signature model of one of these
  10. Agree the video is great. The song is decent on its own I guess. But there's no denying that Donald Glover is a talented motherfucker in many facets.
  11. I agree. They have set themselves up for disappointment no matter what. After some time goes by, people may calm down about it, but initially it is going to be "it took 12 years to have a 1:00 interlude with spoons?" FLOL. Yeah, the immediate backlash this album will face upon release is going to be pretty severe.
  12. We don't know that yet. But I really hope this isn't merely The Age Of Substanceless Aesthetics or the musical equivalent of
  13. This is cool. I like l3 ctrl slowed Yes, some actually work pretty well pitched down, some not that much. l3 ctrl is pretty nice that way. Here are the missing two sessions: gonks a lot dude. interesting sounding stuff.
  14. Just sayin', full grown rolando release > baby phex alright I'll stop. Im probably annoying the shit out of burglar with this. Sorry dude.
  15. Nowhere near as impactful, influential, etc. as that album was obviously given the time when it came out. Fuck it though, give me the choice between listening to either one and it's World Building 9 times out of 10
  16. burglar rn but nah, I agree with you. Still think they are very different albums and World Building is an original work, not at all sounding like people that ape Richard's style, so a comparison doesn't mean much. Both great albums with SYRO being a bit more of a masterclass. It would be really fucking hard to top a Wizard's "comeback" album. Here's my controversial opinion though, World Building is a better debut album than SAW 85-92 was. *logs off WATMM. Locks all doors. Turns off the lights*
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