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  1. Additionally, Twitter friend Dagro uploaded a noteworthy 'dethwave'-inspired mix to YouTube recently - definitely worth checking out: TRACK LIST: 1. ) Nmesh - Left Alone In A Blue Room 2. ) Fear Factory - Self Bias Resistor (Slugged Out Mix) 3. ) Renard Queenston - Trauma 4. ) SHITNOISE - FUZZ WORLD TERROR FEELINGS 5. ) Sandtimer - Body Exchange 6. ) Spott - Spiderfucker 7. ) ZONΞ ΞATΞR vs. §E▲ ▓F D▓G§ 8. ) Rammstein - Sonne 9. ) Godflesh - Parasite (Slugged Out Mix) 10.) Bong-Ra - SickSickSick MPH 11.) Darksleep - ANDRAS 12.) Death Grips - Beware 13.) Nmesh - Hell Of A Day 14.) The Roll
  2. Shout out to Fletcher for the awesome feature on ⠉D⠍E⠕T⠝H⠺W⠁A⠞V⠍E⠍ in the 3rd issue of "Snare Rush". http://www.snarerush.co.uk/ "If you ever wanted to sample grindcore metal guitar riffs and drum rolls, pitch them down, glitch and manipulate them with modern electronic production techniques and then chuck in some cult 80s movie samples for good measure... You might get somewhere near creating ⠉D⠍E⠕T⠝H⠺W⠁A⠞V⠍E⠍. You would also then need to apply a lo-fi aesthetic with sub-standard sample rates in sound quality, and produce similarly low-tech sampled / repeated artwork with bad jpeg com
  3. 'Memories Overlooked: A Tribute To The Caretaker' (NOP-072) 4x cassette box sets are now available from No Problema Tapes. Limited run of 100. Curated by Nmesh, 'Memories Overlooked' is a collaborative effort of over 90 artists, paying tribute to the visionary works of Leyland Kirby, in particular his Caretaker project, a long-running ambient affair exploring memory, nostalgia, and more recently, the effects of dementia. Includes tracks by Diamondstein, 猫 シ Corp., Reef Frequent, HCMJ, Powerpcme, M a l i b l u e : (, International Debris, PZA, Incarta'95, Leaaves, METAPRISE APPLICATIONS
  4. Yes, it would "appear" he is still among the living - I'm not aware of any rule that states an individual has to be deceased in order to pay homage - Please cite your sources. They're currently being dubbed - I'll have more details on this later in the month.
  5. For those who might be interested, RADIO ORANGE 94.0 in Austria did a special feature on the 'Memories Overlooked' compilation, which is now available to stream and download - you may want to brush up on your German beforehand! - Track listing and info HERE. - Direct download can be found HERE. Noise # 3 Memory Overlooked: A Tribute To The Caretaker November 21, 2017 Welcome to a new edition of Grundrauschen, the experimental music format on Radio Orange. We spend the next hour in unfamiliar togetherness, between the creaking of crazy chairs, the heavy fog that lays as oppressively t
  6. both the cubus and Chris Kiehne tracks are absolutely stunning - I felt they were a natural pairing - thank you for kind words Sepha, most of the time spent on my part over the last few months was carefully arranging everything in a manner where each track transitioned or segued well, but even more importantly, the album as a whole transitioned from upbeat / carefree into total darkness / hysteria.. nice catch on the darkening artwork - alex
  7. 'MEMORIES OVERLOOKED: A TRIBUTE TO THE CARETAKER' is name-your-own-price on Bandcamp all day today (Friday 11/03) until midnight EST: https://caretakertribute.bandcamp.com/ The compilation has grossed $401.00 as of yesterday afternoon, which comes to roughly $318.87 after BC's revenue share and Paypal fees - I'll be making the first donation on the 1-month anniversary of it's release date, which I will undoubtedly make a post about - thanks to all who have opened their wallets and donated to the cause - I hope everyone is (and will) enjoy the album as much as I do. Again, all proceeds
  8. "MEMORIES OVERLOOKED: A TRIBUTE TO THE CARETAKER" is out now: https://caretakertribute.bandcamp.com/ "Isn't, in fact, theoretically pure anterograde amnesia the postmodern condition par excellence? The present - broken, desolated is constantly erasing itself, leaving few traces. Things catch your attention for a while but you do not remember them for very long. But old memories persist, intact... Constantly commemorated... I love 1923..." - Mark Fisher 'Ghosts Of My Life' "Memories Overlooked: A Tribute To The Caretaker", is a collaborative effort of over 90 artists, paying trib
  9. Thanks for posting, Ross. I'll add my little blurb here: "Memories Overlooked: A Tribute To The Caretaker", is a collaborative effort of over 90 artists, paying tribute to the visionary works of Leyland Kirby -- in particular his Caretaker project, a long-running ambient affair exploring memory, nostalgia, and more recently, the effects of dementia. In proper fashion, this compilation was diagnosed with having early onset dementia, and is mixed and arranged in accordance with the advancement of the disease. Every passing hour, to quote Mr. Kirby in regards to his 'Everywhere At The End Of
  10. Incredibly stoked for all of this - thank you JK - i'll be on top of that 3CD set
  11. copied from my 07/04/17 facebook update: CARETAKER TRIBUTE - SUBMISSIONS DUE 08/01/17 Not a whole lot of new revelations in regards to this project, but deserving of an update nevertheless - the working title right now is "Memories Overlooked: A Tribute To The Caretaker", but subject to change, as were the last couple titles I had - Ivan Seal respectfully declined the use of one of his paintings for the cover (and for thoughtful reasons), but I have another original painting to fall back on which I feel fits the spirit of Ivan Seal's artwork for the Caretaker albums - I hope everyone li
  12. hey everyone - it's been about a month since i posted this here, just giving it a little 'bump' for those who may have missed it. been receiving some amazing submissions for this project, i think we're at close to 40 tracks (being used) - again, the cutoff will be at 72 (an homage to Theoretically pure anterograde amnesia) deadline is the 1st of August, and there is now a good chance this will get a physical run, probably a cassette release through a fairly notable label - more details on that later. have a great weekend alex
  13. Yeah, I realised that after asking the question - lol. I think what I actually wanted to ask was "why a tribute album"? At first I thought Leyland Kirby had died or something, haha ah, well thankfully he's still very much alive lol - I thought it would be a fun, conceptual project paying homage to one of the masters - i've been on a huge Caretaker kick as of late, since he dropped the first stage of Everywhere At The End Of Time - felt like doing some tracks in that vein, and thought, why not get others in on it and here we are
  14. me too. i purchased the album though because i like it a lot. yea guys, it's a tribute album! apologies if that was unclear around 30 artists have already contributed and there's many more lined up - proceeds will be donated to charity - guidelines are in OP
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