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  1. Almost Nothing You’ve Heard About Evictions in Jerusalem Is True - WSJ
  2. Bombings have nothing to do with what I'm talking about. Neither side is justified in their current bombing campaigns (though it was Hamas who started this current round, as usual, so the ultimate responsibility lies with them). Do you think it's reasonable for Hamas to bomb Israeli children? At least one has died so far. Also, how many of the Palestinian dead are from Hamas rockets which land in Gaza? At least one incident involving multiple deaths, including children, came from one of their rockets. Around 20% of them land in Gaza.
  3. nobody has been forcibly removed as of yet afaik, the supreme court hasn't reached a judgement. from the 1870s or thereabouts. they never stopped owning it, but they were kicked off the land by the Jordanians in 1948, the area was then taken by Israel in '67 war. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Islamization_of_East_Jerusalem_under_Jordanian_rule “During Jordanian rule, 34 out of the Old City’s 35 synagogues were dynamited.” [8] The Western Wall was transformed into an exclusively Muslim holy site associated with al-Buraq.[9] 38,000 Jewish graves in the ancient Jewish cemetery o
  4. ...note that I'm just talking about this specific case here, not Israeli settlements in the West Bank in general, which are frequently unjust (IIRC only a minority represent what you might consider normal legal transfers of property, with outright theft and coercion a common tactic in many cases).
  5. Israel took land/property in West Jerusalem - which was abandoned by Palestinians fleeing to Jordanian annexed land in 1948, and used it to house Jewish refugees fleeing Arab and Iranian persecution across the middle east. And conversely Palestinian refugees took land/property abandoned by Jewish people in East Jerusalem fleeing to Israel. Not sure what's hard about this for you to understand. The trigger for the current conflict was a civil legal dispute between private individuals over Jewish property in East Jerusalem, it's 'perfectly reasonable' because the land in question wasn't seized b
  6. Thread by @AnshelPfeffer on Thread Reader App – Thread Reader App
  7. No, it's got nothing to do with eminent domain, the owners of the land in question (who are Jewish) have been trying since the 70s to regain land which was taken from them in 1948 by the Jordanians, which they had owned going back to the late 1800s. Initially they just wanted the Palestinians to pay rent, but it has escalated into trying to get them evicted. As he points out in the article, while this is perfectly reasonable by itself, there is big unfairness here as the Palestinians in question similarly lost their land (either in West Jerusalem, or elsewhere in Israel, not sure) and are not
  8. Who owns Sheikh Jarrah anyway? - House of Wisdom (substack.com)
  9. fucking disgusting comment.
  10. My favourite design was the X-33: Lockheed Martin X-33 - Wikipedia ...mostly because of the aerospike engine (and the fact that it just looks cool), which gets rid of the need for 2-stage rockets because it's just as efficient at low altitudes as high (and more fuel efficient overall, allowing for a much greater payload capacity than the DC-X). In the end they had too many manufacturing issues with the fuel tanks, but they solved those problems after the project was cancelled, so will be interesting to see if anyone ever tries again with this design. Lockheed Martin X-33 -
  11. I assume this was based on the book? ...which was great, must check it out.
  12. this is pretty good, it starts off a bit more aggro and noisy than he recent stuff, but settles down into a similar more pleasing territory pretty quickly.
  13. who else remembers when zeff was an incel/MRA? it's nice to see all his hatred and bitterness has found a target other than women, so I guess his current form is a slight improvement. still, hopefully one day he'll grow out of this nonsense as well.
  14. caze


    lol, check out one of the author's of that space mushroom paper's other stuff (mostly quantum woo and silly panspermia nonsense) Rhawn JOSEPH | Professor (researchgate.net)
  15. caze


    It's just a regular commercial airline probably, looks triangular because the night vision scope has a triangular aperture, it's not in focus and so is creating triangular bokeh.
  16. yes, side A is good, just a nice slab of droney weridness, but he's crammed so much different stuff onto the other side, and it all flows together really well.
  17. This is really excellent stuff andi. 2nd side in particular is knocking my socks off, but in a moody and relaxed manner.
  18. Mozex_Feat._Salvdog_-_The_Lord_Works_in_Strange_Ways.mp3
  19. he posted this in chatmm recently, had no idea he was so sick on the bass (check out solo at around 4mins in)
  20. it's good the episodes are less than 30 mins, but to be honest even that is stretching things to the limit. the 2nd episode was better than the first one.
  21. ...I must have been thinking of Arizona, there's no automatic recount in Georgia, so there can only be a recount for Ossoff as it stands, and they'll have to pay for it.
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