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  1. i forgot to ask: does anybody know how you pay for stuff at this venue? cash? or with some weird card like in berlin?
  2. after streaming the london set last night i got so pumped that i spontaneously booked a flight to manchester and got myself a ticke, im insanely excited! so i got 3 questions now: 1) why is the lineup so huge? there are 13 artists listed. does anyone know how thats gonna turn out? can we still expect a full 1.5-2 hours from rdj? 2) how much are drinks at this venue, does anybody know? 3) is smoking allowed at this venue? whats the policy concerning a little joint in england? :D of course any info on the venue in general is greatly appreciated.
  3. so nobody recorded lukes set? :( i wouldve loved to re-listen to it, with all the afx he has been playing
  4. i think its definitely afx but the f is for fake
  5. i have to admit that i have not yet gotten into boards of canada that much. ive listend to a couple of albums years ago but thats about it :p
  6. Hm, Phonatacid isnt that ideal since its 10 minutes long and i wanna do full versions of the songs. It could be nice tho, i feel like there would be a lot of copy pasting going on if u translate it to a piano score :D But i really plan on doing more stuff again, i forgot how much fun it is to do those things. The other day someone on youtube requested "every day", i think thats a good idea.
  7. Hey guys, over the holidays i finally took the time again to do a longer transcription. You can check it out here: Im happy to share sheet music/MIDI with you guys, so just message me on here or send me an email at [email protected] if youre interested. Happy new year! :)
  8. the other day i dreamt aphex twin was streaming starcraft II .... no doubt im listening to too much aphex and playing too much starcraft.
  9. in this mix from 2005 vibert samples mortal 08, it starts around 15:50. sry if not interesting or already been pointed out.
  10. am I stupid or did the on-remixes disappear from the site ? edit: via the search you can still access them
  11. haha, thx but this version isnt played by me :D its just the piano sound of sibelius 7 playing the score.
  12. this afternoon i did a small piano cover of A5.
  13. no idea man, i tried doing those once but it didnt sound good... :/ im gonna focus on the parts after 3:20 first now.
  14. Hey guys, after multiple requests I've started transcribing/MIDI-ing Mt. Saint Michel Mix+St. Michaels Mount the other day. I've just finished the part from 2:19 to 3:21, and since here on WATMM I've also seen a lot of people talking about how they'd like a MIDI of MSM, this first version can be downloaded from slates website: http://midm-database.co.uk/drukqs.html It's not a whole lot yet, but some of you guys potentially could have a lot of fun with this MIDI. Youtube: I'm planning on doing the rest of MSM in the near future, too. Any updates are gonna be posted right here in this thread :-) PS: I hope noone is annoyed by me posting my stuff on the main page :D
  15. thanks guys, much appreciated!
  16. Hey guys, just wanted to quickly share my latest cover. For sheet music and midi requests just pm me here on watmm, the audio can be downloaded from soundcloud :)
  17. number 9, the darkest of all analords. so agressive... so sexy. i love how you can hear it was made in a tank, too.
  18. am i the only one who hasn't got his CD yet? :( i preordered on bleep and it shouldve been here on friday already....
  19. ive listened to cirklon1 almost exclusively the past days, at this moment it definitely is my favorite. but i think kolchosnaya will be my favorite track in the long run :) its perfect...
  20. im in the worst fuckin seminar of all time right now on a friday afternoon and its like 30 degrees, if cheetah isnt on my doormat when im home im gonna be pissed
  21. nice, new track is awesome as well :) cheetah ep already is a complete win for me.
  22. thanks a lot consul!!! :)
  23. i've promised not to share this with anyone but ... since you asked so nicely ... here you go please, do not share this with anyone though !!! richard's private life and details are obviously nobodys business but his own honestly, it seems absurd to me why anyone would even care or ask for something like this.. hopefully this will keep you creepers happy dont get me wrong, but this chick is a chick that could be with anybody. ive seen chicks like her a hundred times. the chicks back in the 90s were so unique and amazing... it just doesnt seem like a very ground-breaking chick. do you guys think Rich could still pick up a hot russian grill or are those days long gone? :(
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