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  1. Don't be a cunt, it's the man's wife you're talking about. Show some fucking respect.
  2. Maybe you were being sarcastic but in the case that you weren't, RDJ has said that he doesn't multitrack when he records. He sequences everything and just hits record on whatever he's using, DAT/laptop/hard disk recorder/etc, then hits play on the sequencer. He records everything straight to a stereo two-track.
  3. I found this a good while back, and it was said to have been a picture of the bank before it was destroyed and replaced. Dunno if it's true.
  4. Scratch my post just above this one, I found Player Pro for Mac OS X. 4th entry on this page: https://woolyss.com/tracking-trackers.php?s=Mac On 2nd thought, I wonder if Rich would upload the complete Vord session for us to tinker with? Pretty please, Rich :)
  5. Is there no version of Player Pro available that will run on today's Mac OS X?
  6. Holy FUCK! on very first listen, [s770/SCI 3000,powertran] beautiful Japanese people instantly became one of my all time faves!! Yeah, and I'm sure I'm not the only one that's going to take a very close look at what's happening during that playback.
  7. 12:38 PST 00:14:31:00 relevant: the pitfalls of programming for time zones
  8. I just tried this and you're right, it works!
  9. I think he makes music just because he enjoys doing it (based on sheer # of tracks recorded). Everything else is just him having a laugh or taking the piss, IMHO. OP, I enjoyed reading your treatise. I too am really glad to see him come back around and share a bit of himself with us lately. It was an amazing surprise to see it all start to happen in 2014.
  10. This is what got my spidey sense tingling. This smells like pre-release promo.
  11. wow, really great! detailed and nuanced!
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