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  1. I see microtuning.  This sounds fun already so I'm pretty sure I'll buy one.  I was really tempted by the Korg collab but I never got around to it.  It's ridiculous to think that he'd be doing this for the money.  I doubt he is earning too much from it.    I prefer to think he just wants us all to have fun toys. 

  2. How cool that young RDJ had access to digital multitrack recording equipment in the mid 80s!!


    Maybe you were being sarcastic but in the case that you weren't, RDJ has said that he doesn't multitrack when he records.  He sequences everything and just hits record on whatever he's using, DAT/laptop/hard disk recorder/etc, then hits play on the sequencer.  He records everything straight to a stereo two-track.  

  3. here's a suggestion, you could take any vinyl, print out a scan of the cover from TECH004, place over the vinyl, put it on the turntable, turn the volume down, press play on the turntable, then press play on your computer which has the two soundcloud tracks lined up. problem solved!


    I just tried this and you're right, it works!

  4. I think he makes music just because he enjoys doing it (based on sheer # of tracks recorded).


    Everything else is just him having a laugh or taking the piss, IMHO.


    OP, I enjoyed reading your treatise.  I too am really glad to see him come back around and share a bit of himself with us lately.  It was an amazing surprise to see it all start to happen in 2014.  



    hah! 25 Chairs is a bit of a chuckle. I did miss that Norwegian interview, but someone posted that one a few posts up. Thanks!


    aDiscoBall, Would you please upload all those stuff you seem to have in your file manager photo?? (Torrent, or anything... ) It would be very nice to have these in one place for other people like me.



    Yeah, I can do that when I feel like I have all there is to get. I'll link to it here when it happens.

  6. If you have the 30 minute interview for a magazine where he talks about flying a helicopter could you please upload it somewhere, I've been dying to hear it for ages and can't find it anywhere. Cheers! :)

    I don't think I've heard that one. There's lot of talk about his 'tank' and wanting to buy a submarine in the Space Age Bachelor Pad interview on youtube. actually, that's one of the better interviews out there. RDJ seems to enjoy talking to this kid.

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