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  1. Let's keep this civil, lovelies: we are the music makers - we are not the hate makers.
  2. Errrr oddly it's back to normal again ?! Since, I'm not sure how long, clicking on the 'go to last unread post' (in any topic) would take me to the correct page but would scroll down only to just below the first post on that page (where the stats are shown). It knew where my last unread post was as it had the horizontal division showing the posts since I last visited - I just had to scroll down a bit to get there 😄
  3. Nicely done, kinda reminds me of Kanding Ray's OR album
  4. I notice the 'go to last unread post' star icon it also just goes to the 'Replies/Created/Last Reply/TOP POSTERS IN THIS TOPIC/POPULAR DAYS' stats bar that's usually below the first post on the last page, rather than the actual last unread post. Possibly related ? @JoyrexIs that add-in (the stats bar) possibly conflicting with the last read mod ?
  5. Yeah you should be OK with 250ohm, though that's probably about the limit for a powered audio interface before I'd look into getting a dedicated amp. Might be a bit too much to get a lotta volume out of portable devices though (phones, tablets etc) Went nuts and ordered the LCD-XC didn't I (apparently the closed fixes some of the weird mid-treble response that the X open has). Am a bit excited - Hopefully they'll last me as long as my hearing does (or maybe even longer what with my current tinnitus annoyance)
  6. Oh Gary 😑 ... If only you'd never got those fillings.
  7. see also: https://forum.watmm.com/topic/95555-collapse-video/?do=findComment&comment=2655322
  8. Aha, I'm wondering if that's why they're currently out of stock in Amazon (only the LCD2 Open and LCD2 closed are there. The Mobius,4 & X are all 'currently unavailable'). Hopefully that'll mean when they're back in stock they will be the newer revision !
  9. Yeah I might save up a bit more and wait for the LCD-X's to come back in stock on Amazon.co.uk - annoyingly the card I bought the AKG812s last year had expired, so for safety I went for an Amazon credit note rather than the faff of sorting stuff out with the bank, so I'm kinda stuck with buying a replacement headphones through them. Apparently Audeze revamped their drivers around 2016 (think I've got that date right) so obviously the LCD2 Classics have the newer drivers as was released in 2018. I'm wondering if it'll be a bit of a gamble with the X's as to whether I get an older or new mo
  10. Kinda thinking on going in a slightly different direction and getting some LCD-2 Classics ( https://www.audeze.com/products/lcd-2-classic ). Apparently they're really good for listening/enjoyment purposes though I have their sound profile on the Sonarworks correction software when using it for production and mixing duties. Been toying with either the closed or open versions but think (despite clonky neighbours) I'll get the open as they apparently have a much more neutral frequency response and more precise soundstage (and are 100 quid cheaper) Anyone have any experience with these phones
  11. I've had to send my AKG K812 Headphones back as the right channel seems to have gone bad after just 11 months (think it's a dry electrical joint to the headband - seemed to be quite a common fault reading around), but as they don't have any more in stock I'm got a refund rather than a replacement. I was looking to get the K872 instead once I got the refund, however they too are currently out of stock (well there's one available but it's >£200 more than it was previously available for). I live in a flat with slightly clonky neighbours above and to the side of me so the sound isolation o
  12. Remember grabbing that one from Rephlex back in the day in a very mulchy low bitrate ps. Is any lovely person still archiving these, the last one I grabbed from the mega archive was '279 - 1211 - popcorn.flac' from December 2018 (which now seems to be vanished on the mega site) and the archive.org link at the top here seems to be a few behind that one.
  13. This could be the equivalent B side
  14. mcbpete


    From the age of them do you think it was just a university project that somehow made it to the internetwork ?
  15. mcbpete


    I remember that, didn't realise a few years later that it was a reference to the film Daisies (well either that, or the director hoped no-one had heard of the film before and tried their luck!)
  16. Happy to hear that the album title does exactly as it says on the tin. All of this was 'before my time' and yet is proper nostalgic .... the scene must've been wild back then prior to the Criminal Justice bill
  17. "Could you leave the decks alone please. Stop scratching yer fookin' decks"
  18. Got very close myself a year or so ago when someone had then entire Skam back catalogue available on Bandcamp and I was so close to clicking the 'buy all' button. So since then I definitely do a little bit of research when something unexpected comes up on there before putting down cash !
  19. Absolutely - Time to retire the 128kbps mp3 version he gifted to us on his site many years back. Looks like the flac has been encoded in an insane 96khz sample rate. It's like listening to old IDM Christmas carols (especially the twinkly Dekc) (and also a full length version of the pretty snippet we had at the end of the previous version of Bathroom Tests)
  20. Was going to make some smug comment about being judged on the basis of simply having a Spotify account but it's Christmas (p.s. please buy music from the artists you love 🎅)
  21. Yer man Lassi tweeted the link early this morning so think we're all good 🙂
  22. My ears couldn't even survive the 30 second Bleep preview
  23. Wow - this is totally unexpected to me. Conversely I think I prefer vol.2 over 1 but that may just be the order I heard them (Had 2 for about a decade longer than when I found a copy of the first). As long as it has a lot of Fehlmann stuff I'll be OK with it....
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