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    My minds eye conjures up something like this: I get similar (albeit old school WW2-era splosions) vibes with
  2. Reheard this for the first time in ages today and did a bit of digging. Turns out you're completely right: two weeks ago the track had a video made for it where it's confirmed as being him: "Faucon Titane" is the first chapter out of three of Pandæmonium. - Pandæmonium is an animated triptych based on original compositions by Syl Kougaï. Inspired by Rodin's sculpture "La Porte de l'Enfer", this film divided into 3 pieces describes a dreamlike vision of the brutal condition of man.
  3. "Nah" says computerphile: Plus do you really take the views of someone that purposefully dresses like this at face value 😄
  4. Somewhat superficially of me I found Zebra to be a lot more usable with the Neumann Pro skin ( https://plugmon.jp/product/neumann-pro/ ) Same with Bazille, found it a lot easier with the Tokyo Ghost skin ( https://plugmon.jp/product/tokyo-ghost/ )
  5. I think maybe: 'Iz Dis Music ?!' or 'Mathematibeat'
  6. Aye - @yekkerwhat is it that you think is lacking in your current setup that you feel the need to purchase something? If you're completely fine as is then save the money and stick with what you've got !
  7. Have a stoopid amount of purchases but recommendation wise: Everything by u-he, Valhalla & Audiothing
  8. I could always check it myself but am lazy - From memory it was using an Ableton/Max for Live combo as his workflow .....
  9. So did they explain why the 2CDs are costing 50 squid enclosed in what looks like a cardboard sleeve ?! Remember feeling flush after dropping £25 for Goldie's Timeless back in the day
  10. It's a great piece for sure, can't believe they shared the whole thing on Soundcloud ! The last track at 18min reminds me of something from [my personal favourite era of The Orb] Orblivion
  11. IMO 2049 was okay/good until Hardly gives a Fuck shows up and drags himself lazily from scene to scene unsure of why he's there or if they're even filming, at which point I wished I'd not blindly purchased the bluray
  12. In the first hour of this AMA Sean mentions there being some cock-up(s?) due to stress (presumably of the first performance after all this time). Is there anything that seemed noticeable ? (don't want to spoil the set so not listening to anything till I go to the Barbican performance) EDIT: Or is it just their recording for a possible future live release that got messed up ?
  13. Pretty sure in this instance the end result was better for all involved
  14. Wonder what the longerererest version of that is they've done. Is there any live performance (or otherwise) that trumped the 40 minute single version ? One of my earliest memories is my older brother misremembering (either by accident or deliberately) the fact that the 'Blue Room' referred to a building/room that was so haunted and none of the laws of physics applied - so much so that no scientist dared to go in there. Got freaked out trying to quite what a place was like - nearest my minds eye visualised was this scene from Poltergeist: but within a crappy portacabin that looked something like:
  15. True, but the last two times they did that we got Barking and Barbara, Barbara - which were .... well I just wish that wasn't the case 😬
  16. He really needs to stop putting all that gravel in the dishwasher - Gonna completely break the filter
  17. I've always followed the rule: If it's a WAP (not in the Cardi B sense) then it's a single or EP, if it's a WARP it's an album
  18. Anyone want a CDr of Cavity Job with some North Face pants ? 120 quid...
  19. Drift Series 1 was definitely worth the purchase (bought the box set which included the multi-hour bluray with videos for most of the tracks) HOWEVER it really could've done with some serious trimming - think that could've taken the release from a pretty good 6 CD album (5 'episodes' and the Necks collab CD) to a darn near essential 2 or 3 CD beast (track selection trimming rather than trimming the tracks themselves - love most of the longer pieces !)
  20. Preview of the first minute: bleep bloop clank ..... waaaaaaaaaaaaaauuugghghhhhhh .... bsshhh bhhhh bkzzzz griou boo bo clank bo clank (x4) ...... briauuugggghhhouuuwwwwwwww .. squijjjjj blonk squijjjj blkzzz
  21. Is the name of the tour how many years they've each been de-aged in that above poster ?!
  22. Have you tried the 'virtual' modular route with something like VCV Rack (https://vcvrack.com/) or Voltage Modular ( https://cherryaudio.com/products/voltage-modular ). Might be worth giving that a go to see if modular is right for you before going the full-on hardware modular route....
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