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  1. I reckon that'll be exactly the case ...
  2. Another visualization is that of the double pendulum - Imagine the below but with one oscillating data value feeding into another (and possibly into another):
  3. mcbpete


    Got my team to work on this one for a while: ***wartermm twenty birthday times**
  4. Took a while to get out of beta but the public release of 10.1 is finally here ! - https://www.ableton.com/en/blog/live-10-1-is-here/
  5. Graph going up hollow square footprints indeed !
  6. It's a huge shame they stopped making them, anyone know why as they were so good (as was the BCF2000 - the one with all the faders)
  7. Yeah love this one, it's the alt soundtrack to the final scene in Terminator when 'Arnie' becomes all stop motion ....
  8. Are you a Techmoan fan by any chance?! Heard that on his MCA video a few days ago and knew it sounded like a BOC track but couldn't place where !
  9. Look for a second hand Behringer BCR2000, they're knob-tastic
  10. Holy Moly - A 6 CD & Bluray beast awaits: https://store.underworldlive.com/cart/product.php?id=46262 (or a single CD highlights package - https://store.underworldlive.com/cart/product.php?id=46253 )
  11. Or if a mod mistakenly removes all the blocks entirely for everyone for a few hours thinking it'll just collapse that section for him
  12. That's just the usual order of bits in binary for conversion to decimal (Most significant (i.e. largest power of 2) on the left, and the smallest (2^0) on the right) Not my field of work (cant remember what wizard here found this out), but have known about bit patterns since I was proper little (used to make little monochrome sprites on the Commodore 64 when I was about 7 or 8!)
  13. One thing going for Armin Van Buuren though, he comes across as a proper lovely chap and doesn't seem to take the whole EDM scene too seriously. In my mind he's always doing this:
  14. It's also really damn close to being the physical release date of the album in the japanese yy-mm-dd date format (in fact so close I can't help thinking it's either a mistake of the art work (needs an extra pixel in the bottom right) or was meant to be released a day earlier) : https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1oKvRJqTTx7q5XD4aaqsNrfygPadTFrskEGmMZOgOEVs/edit#gid=0
  15. Nah man, remember the Collapse chat this is propper deep: Oh been getting well into simulation theory of late didnt realise a lot of prominent science are now saying the chance we are living in base reality is about 1billion to one! Maybe we should do something with political slant in this video, like how the media can manipulate things to make you think All these normal people who watch shi like britains got talent and such, its either proof of its not a simulation (cos why would you bother simulating that) or its proof that we are living in a failed simulation (unless some of that is weirdcore's ramblins)
  16. I woulds say yes - Even just gentle compression to tame some wild peaks on individual tracks can help when they're then all finally routed to the master bus. It definitely also helps with sculpting the general sound of each instrument too, check the huge changes you can have just running a mic recording of a drum kit though a [admittedly more than just a] compressor:
  17. Holy crap, that's one hell of a deal - Even though I've moved on to Premiere still gonna pick the $25 bundle as both a thankyou for my dodgy copy of Vegas Pro that helped me through many many years of hobby editing, and for DVD Architect which is still [IMO] the best DVD authoring suite.
  18. Yeah I got mine from what.cd (think it was still called oink's pink palace) - pretty sure it was a tape rip ... unless I've completely mis-remembered and actually got the Soulseek version you mentioned
  19. That and the silly sausages misinterpreting the Azimuthal equidistant projection of the earth as the actual structure I guess be thankful they didn't adopt the Myriahedral Projection as their gospel - they'd get lost just leaving the house.... Regarding the video, yeah I definitely live by the thought: "If you think you're smart then you're too stupid to realise how much you don't actually know"
  20. I *think* you might be able to have some luck with the creative use of the MSEGs in MUX Modular VST/i - It's a bit more of a higher level than Reaktor or Max so certainly much more approachable. I bought it a couple of years ago but alas have not put much time into playing with it: https://www.mutools.com/mux-product.html Check out the modules from the Event Generators bit onwards of the documentation (about half way down the page) to see what's available - https://www.mutools.com/info/docs/mux/mutools-modules.html
  21. I *think* the upload limit may be slightly less that it was in the previous incarnation (possibly 200-300 kb). Guessing 100Kb is the default on a virgin Invision install and @Joyrex would choose whether to increase it or not ...
  22. It is indeed ! (for reference you current avatar is 6.93Kb....)
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