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  1. Get something like VCV Rack or Voltage Modular and then you can make any bespoke synth with the VCO, VCA, and VCF combo of your choice. Modulated and re-automated with further LFOs and other control modulation as required 🙂
  2. Apologies - Didn't realise you needed to be signed in to a google account to download something from someone's google drive. Attached: MIDI Sans Frontières.MID
  3. To your first question: Yes, to your second question: Right above your post 😉
  4. Can imagine that sounding a bit like a couple of the tracks from Thomas Koner's Motus album
  5. Wonder what pop songs would get mixed into it, Cardi B - WAP and Nicki Minaj - Super Freaky Girl maybe ?
  6. I really wish I'd sated my curiosity and took out my ear plugs mid set to see what the volume was really like - but was worried I'd take them out, drop them and then never find them for the rest of the performance, and be filled with even more 'eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee' tinnitus for the rest of the month !
  7. Crossing my fingers is might be something that gets bundled (and not as a demo!) in a later Max major release. Seem to remember gen~ (or maybe it was Jitter) being a separate purchase until it was later included as standard
  8. The beaty ones can be seanplz, the non-beaty ones can be robplz
  9. The price (including not mentioning it anywhere in the presentations/reveals, even post release), bundling it with Max with no way of removing & Cycling 74 owning the copyright of your exported code definitely has been met with mixed emotions on the official forum - https://cycling74.com/forums/rnbo-1-0-now-available-bundled-with-max-8-5
  10. Think the repress is worth it just for that minisite - Well done whoever put that together !
  11. My nominations are Intellicore, BlerpBlorps or Defraggatronica
  12. Me neither - Will update anyway but stick with Max 4 Live as a way to get things into Ableton !
  13. Yikes, you're right..... Saw this on the download page and read it as being a free inclusion: What’s new in Max 8.5? RNBO, a Max-inspired patching environment built to export code for web sites, plug-ins, embedded hardware, or any C++ based applications. Learn more about RNBO. But then.... Booooooo :(((( (That's pretty much as expensive as Max itself ?!!!) Download Max 8.5 -- RNBO’s included and works in a trial mode.
  14. Definitely thought this was gonna be a Max 9 thing rather than a free x.5 update but nope, go Cycling '74 !
  15. Aye, definitely with you for these ones - Would love a T-Shirt/Jumper with that piccy on the front
  16. To be honest the label is still quite similar to when they put out things like Satanstornade, Electric Deaf and Gantz Graf:
  17. I nabbed this one as the gforce one was originally MacOS only - https://cherryaudio.com/products/eight-voice But have the rest of the Gforce range so can definitely vouch for their quality, was just that little bit too much for me (and like I say was originally just Mac only)
  18. Purchase album/track - https://dandrohan.bandcamp.com/track/slow-to-remember-4 Copy/Paste to device Enjoy track.
  19. The first that comes to mind is https://www.discodsp.com/obxd/ (click the buy if you wanna support but is free when just clicking 'Download' )
  20. Hehe, sorry am now up to speed ! (was a long day yesterday.....)
  21. Wait what ?! (or is this for the lolz?). You couldn't move anywhere in the UK in '97 for this track: (Though I think Garage in the 80s might've been slightly different to the 90s variant, believe it was more a disco/house combo)
  22. From this teaser my guess was that you'll be able to export full max patches as VSTs (and not just the gen~ objects) My subtle guess of 'return of the pluggo ?' (as I believe that's exactly what that did) was met with a 'shifty eyes emoji' reply by Cycling '74
  23. This is actually eerily close to how I heard it (was wearing 'concert' ear plugs to not exacerbate my tinnitus, as was a little worried quite how loud Ae would play!)
  24. For some reason I always see that track as the first part of a two parter along with Cap.IV - This half being the climb of the rollercoaster and the second half being the main ride
  25. Was surprised to see an email from Bandcamp mentioning number 10 had been released - Totally thought we were finished with just the 2021 set - Looking forward to downloading it this evening I've actually enjoyed these broadcasts a little more than the actual Soisong albums - I think it's because they remind me of FSOL's DJ/ISDN/Electric Brainstorm/Mind Maps mixes: Disparate styles somehow fused together into a consistent 1 hour transmission along with snatches of signal recordings. Like picking up some weird radio station several hundred miles away
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