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  1. It's just Warp putting their Bleep store on an additional platform - all will still go through them
  2. Ah it's that QX1 track, which in turn was sampling the end bit of Kraftwerk - Home Computer I was thinking of ...
  3. Listening to 'Glorimar’s Whore House' on Boomkat ... what's that sampling? Sounds like some classic 90s 'artificial intelligence' era track EDIT: Is it this maybe .....
  4. Rakka I = Soothing train ride to hell at the speed of sound Rakka II = Soothing industrial car wash inside a volcano spinning in a washing machine The second one in particular reminds me of the rush of energy I used to get with the earliest Tim Hecker albums
  5. mcbpete


    Either he knows something we don't, or Joyrex has added 3 to 7 and got 'Tuesday'
  6. mcbpete


    Optimistic dates for those three live performances too 😉
  7. mcbpete


    Mayhaps just celebrating an upcoming 25 year anniversary of it .... Doesn't time fly ! Question is: Is it impressive or depressing of Tom's music that people struggle to differentiate between his current output and that from a quarter of a century ago 😄
  8. Still got my decade old (probably more than that) Zoom H2 and have no intention in upgrading - Still great for field recordings (and recording in general). So you should be absolutely a-ok with that h4n if it's in good condition!
  9. Jeez, yeah that'd be a bit of a baptism of fire - Like seeing if you're into Japanese music by starting off with Merzbow's Pulse Demon !
  10. Aye it's a lovely old 32bit plugin so would need a 32->64 bit plugin bridge for Ableton 11 (like your aforementioned jbridge - which I use exclusively for destroy fx plugins !)
  11. Do you know what he meant by this last year (comment at the bottom: 'it's not been easy getting it out'). General pressing plant availability issues maybe ?:
  12. Pretend the ones that are named just Clark (as opposed to Chris Clark) are a different artist and you'll be fine (though to be fair I loved the Throttle 'trilogy' too)
  13. Yeah it does indeed come across a bit all over the place - It sounds like a 5 minute cut down of a 45 minute 70s prog rock cover of a song from Sesame Street. Not sure if it's the Youtube compression or my wonky ears but whenever it went to the drummy section everything turned into a mushy sound soup and my ears struggled to pick anything out
  14. Yikes .... sounds like something John Callaghan would've done when he was on Warp
  15. For Ableton users there's this max for live device, which is a bit more 'minimal looking' than oddsound, but it looks like it does the same job and is possibly easier to route in Live. It's 'pay what you want': https://gumroad.com/ursine More info here - https://sevish.com/2017/retune-for-live-microtuning-with-max-4-live/
  16. Tri Repetae still looks to be in stock - https://bleep.com/release/20864
  17. I think you could probably have a workflow where you could be 100% mouseless, but I still find things quicker using a combination of the two. For live performances, and for jamming you can absolutely do everything just on the Push (and I have many times) - but for the initial layout, setting up/mapping of VSTs, and for tweaking the arrangement view I think you still need yer mouse.
  18. The latter I think was something to do with an extravagant budget requirement for a full orchestra for an album that nearly bankrupted them..... May have been the Warp book that mentioned that ( Warp: Labels Unlimited by Rob Young ) or just my brain completely mis-associating disparate facts.
  19. It's real nice - I like it too. It's like a recently discovered late 90s/early 00s Ninja Tune album
  20. Your ms-paint mouse handwriting is damn near identical to mine - You're not a fellow leftie (as in handedness, making no suppositions on your political stance!) using their right hand for mouse control are you ?
  21. Tape Loop Orchestra is my favouritist of all the tape loopererers - https://tapelooporchestra.bandcamp.com/ For example:
  22. I really can't listen to these any more - especially the one used in the trailer. To me they're like the music equivalent of the film Garden State - seemed all pretty and poignant during my uni years, but now all I can just think of is Natalie Portman and Zach Braff pulling fucking stupid faces.
  23. mcbpete


    I'm definitely on the same page since my first listen:
  24. That's real nice - Thanks for the album suggestion, definitely gonna check that out 🙂👍
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