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  1. OMG what chair is that?Is it microtonal?Definitely need to get that to sound like Airfix Twine!
  2. I 'blindly' bought it for the Transmissions track that Rubin flagged and was totally on the same page. Like the soundtrack to a National Geographic documentary about extremely questionable theories of space travel
  3. Does the doc make it clearer about what Alex's role actually is in the Orb ? Sounds like a stupid question but as every Orb album just sounds like the releases of whoever he's collaborating with, I've never quite got what he actually does ! Is he like the equivalent of the director of a film, not actually making the stuff just putting it all together ? RE: Further Adventures DVD(s) - DVD1 is a 2hour multi-cam recording of Alex and Fehlmann on stage DJing/Ableton-ing their various hits at a club in Brixton in 2014. Screen in background has various visuals going on. DVD2 is those background visuals with a 52 min version/extract of the set (available on Youtube here - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7-gOU9JqJlQ )
  4. Wild - a memory of me playing a demo of that game about 20 years ago popped into my head a few days ago for no reason. Was gonna see if it was on GOG but had no idea they'd done an updated one...
  5. The midi file link is still available if you use the wayback machine on the site. It points to this file on a google drive: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B5DtoTzWhflObFg1bld4MWNpTG8/view?usp=sharing Ableton still has issues opening it properly, though I've had success by loading it in Reaper and then re-exporting it as another midi file
  6. s'fine if WIndows allows your machine to update, not come across any compatibility issues. You'll not really notice any difference tween this and Win 10 (for better or for worse) so probably fine to stick with your existing OS at the moment if you've no real need yet to update
  7. Good spottin - Yeah that definitely sounds like something official will be released this year.
  8. IMO the artist Tape Loop Orchestra nails what is hinted at (and what I wanted) with Burial e.g.
  9. Probably just a coincidence but, this bit 4 seconds in here: Sounds just like the background synth here most clearly heard at 5:18 (but sped up a bit):
  10. Oh my god yes so much. Track 2 is just .... I've no idea how many times I've heard it ! So when Speedy J announced the digital remasters last night I couldn't wait to download a copy this morning ! Also only previously had a rather poopy rip of Loudboxer - so great to grab a FLAC of the bad boy !
  11. Unfortunately so 😞 (soz - it was a cheeky response to cern appearing to think Susumu was an AFX alias)
  12. Can't work out why he stopped using that alias back in 2015 - best music he's released this century I reckon.
  13. ...and what is supposedly the final transmission has now dropped (updated link above). Downloading as I type. EDIT: Certainly not a bad ending to the series, was a bit more bombastic and beat-y than I expected for a finale and didn't have some of the more instantly-jaw-dropping-downbeat sections of some of the previous 'episodes', but aye: A happy launch into space with some 90s Orb-esque and 00s Avalanches-esque expeditions! Highlight for me was the ambient/solo piano to funk-jazz freakout track from the 10-15 minute mark... Goodbye Earth !
  14. As I have limited space in the flat I get digital gubbins (unless it's super duper speshial - this was close to getting due to the fabulous tDR artwork job) so missed these linear notes. Is it related to this from the Ask Autechre Anything: @SR4 have you ever met Gaz and Brian of FSOL? Are they really pompous, or just insane? Sean "actually yeah in 88 i was in salford college and brian was there, i would see gaz but like, down the corridor waiting impatiently a guy on my course booked them to play at the riverside in hyde as stakker, and there were tapes going round college as well, they were college celebs for a brief time i left college to buy gear after that, partly cos of their stuff being so good and him making it at home (rather than in the college studio) they were key to us even existing, looking back if they hadn't been there i would prob be an engineer in some studio by now"
  15. Leaked - http://www.youtubemultiplier.com/61adfa1e8e7b1-burial-2021-xmas-carol.php
  16. Strange that the CD & Digital bundle is $12.50 but the digital only version is $15 ... Does anyone know where this is shipping from - Lists them being from the UK but the US pricing has me confused !
  17. Probably doesn't help that the lyrics have become so UK centric
  18. Reminds me of this great quote from Terry Pratchett's Discworld:
  19. 'Nicer' is probably a subjective term for it - It'll add 2nd and/or 3rd harmonics which can sound 'richer' (as you're literally adding slight overtones to the original sound), whether that's better or not would be entirely up to your ears. I'd personally do without it so I have a 'truer' sound to the original source, especially for mixing purposes, and only consider an amp if I literally can't provide enough power to the 'phones without turning them right up to max in the audio interface. I believe your 990s have quite a meaty impedance so may well benefit from an amp (how far are you having to crank up the headphone dial on your focusrite ?)
  20. Wait ... is fumi actually Jay ?! This just came out 30 minutes ago, surely more than just coincidence 😄 (p.s. my guess is a Synclavier II - It has that epic metallic sheen to it)
  21. Oddly enough I pictured exactly the same thing in my mind's eye/ear..... Wasn't until I saw the video a few years later I thought 'hang on - I recognise these shout-outs to the rather muted crowd'
  22. Thought I'd had enough of minimal piano granular synthesis but nope ... this is lovely 🥰
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