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  1. On 8/10/2022 at 12:54 PM, jaderpansen said:

    absolutely amazing, i can't even image the degree of body control at play, down to every eye movement. holy shit.

    when the goddess kali descended the steps with those superhuman movements, perfectly synchronized to the storm of sounds, I sincerely stopped my breath for a few seconds

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  2. Nice. 

    but at the cost of making dinner go sideways, I say: oversteps tour: the world doesn't deserve to wait for the end of the sun without having those soundboards 


    bon appettit 

  3. 7 hours ago, jaderpansen said:

    interesting how these kinda "starcult" aspects always seem to sneak their way in. in this case especially since electronic music culture often has the tendency to superficially shift focus towards the product and away from the "author" (in the focauldian sense), problemizing the latter with sampling / dj-ing, questioning traditional notions of virtuosity and inspiration down to functionally reduced artworks etc. ... or maybe that's just my interpretation.

    anywhoo, not a complaint by any means, just an observation. humans just seem to love admiring other humans.

    right, if the phenomenon occurs (even if in different forms) in distant and sometimes unsuspected fields, it probably has its own physiological function (society itself, moreover, is the epiphenomenon of physiology).
    In the end admiration, if it does not become idolatry, is a healthy thing

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  4. there is a general formula, i think: in approaching an established individual, exactly for the reasons that made him affirm, it makes little sense in itself (unless, of course, there is a valid reason for doing so) and, in in any case, the meeting will be completely conditioned by the fact that there are already roles defined a priori, not both start from a zero degree, which translates the occasion into a sort of farce (aka embarrassment). After all, the maximum expression that emerges from the guy is the one that made him known, his art, which, therefore, surpasses the individual himself, so, probably, I have already received the highest degree of the artist, without necessarily know him personally.

    That said, Sean, from what I've seen, is the dude with the shining, meeting him would be cool regardless of the fact that he created dha fkng aw-tek-er 

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  5. When our two played in krakow, the festival (sacrum profanum = endless cummm), after the various concerts that took place in different places, left a bar / club open at the base of the Forum Hotel as a reference point. The day before their live, r&s were at the bar, and it was a deliberate fact to meet people i suppose. I, who am affected by a form of discretion that borders on the pathological, I limited myself to "as pathetic as it sounds I would like to have a photo with you two" (obviously they agreed), but it was evident that if I had been an extroverted type (or just a normal type) , it would have been perfectly natural for them to exchange a few words.

  6. 9 hours ago, cern said:

    Sounds like the real part huge!


    I'm glad that Sean talked about it, when mr Franz uploaded the video the reception was a bit cold, as if no one had really noticed the epic deed that is taking place in that minute. I have never seen a traditional instrument enter so radically into an "inhuman" logic. He managed to overshadow cfern by alarm will sound with just two hands

  7. 16 minutes ago, ignatius said:


    M62 is amazing too 


    ...that thing between 0:20 and 0:27  🚀💦

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  8. 4 minutes ago, d-a-m-o said:

    Sorry, don't remember 

    one of these days I'll watch the whole ama, finally with subtitles; when I find the point where it is about him, I will post it under the cover on yt. It deserves this. That bassline captures that tune so perfectly that it helps me understand its melodic purpuse.

  9. 24 minutes ago, d-a-m-o said:

    This is the bass cover he was talking about :



    at what minute does he talk about Franz Cardone covers?

  10. 16 minutes ago, d-a-m-o said:

    This is the bass cover he was talking about :



    the covers that this guy did are disorienting: he manages to make the bass behave exactly like an autechre line: the smallest nuance, the subtlest interval, everything reproduced as it is.
    In the post "good music like autechre" I had posted all the Ae covers of him a couple of years ago: all amazing, but this fragment from ae_live usa is next level

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  11. 9 minutes ago, nikisoko said:

    this seemed to confirm the hanal leak.. did sb ever say he was that xh hx handle on yt?

    that xh hx is the channel in which, three years ago, they uploaded that long series of videos. The videos were manipulations of Sean's vintage tv archive (some time later, during the quarantine, he used the same ones on twitch to experiment with self-generating visuals), so I'd say that yes, it's undoubtedly shren's yt channel.

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  12. 9 hours ago, mTesc said:

    It's so interesting and funny that he's laying out who did what in quite a few places. It seems like yesterday that he said "We never say who does what!" in some interview. I like that insight

    it seems yesterday that Autechre - for me - was that obscure entity to the point that I didn't even feel the need to know names and faces of those behind it, and now there is this genuinely communicative and demystifying man who, were it not for my fucking linguistic limitation , it could easily be one of the fellas I ordinarily see here. Without my realizing it, the perception i have of ae has radically changed in years, and their work, in any case, continues to be the most fascinating and adventurous thing I ever know

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  13. 3 hours ago, Soloman Tump said:

    Dang twitch does this often. 

    yeah, i see.. it is the third time that I do a twitch account, and before the sean messianic advent, I was unaware of its existence 


  14. I have been following in a discontinuous way ... has anyone asked about the 2010 sounboards? This is a point on which I would be ready to bring him to exhaustion

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  15. today fucking twitch has decided not to accept my pass and does not send me the email to reset it: I cannot intervene with my bullshit and Sean's English is impenetrable to me, but already hearing him grinning in the background puts me in a good mood

  16. track 4, hides an incestuous relationship with Blifil

    practically, except T ess xi and ts1a (and the final 80 'mix), an Ae ep and a Gescom ep have just been released. So, suddenly.


    we have to thank this dude and the impenetrable sequence of events that guided Hanalgig to him



  17. my impression is that from 2015 to today, the maximum effort has poured into the livesets, which sound like an indescribable condensation of ideas, evolutions and contortions, while the albums (if we want to call them that), seem to me the consequence of a work of rationalization and partition on that overflowing magma. The weak point of the soundboards is the inevitable compression, after all the parameters of a live are certainly not those designed for home listening. But if they weren't too interested in presenting soundboards as perfect representations of the event that happened, giving precedence to the music itself (aka homemade reenactement), I think these sets could be some of the most iconic things they've ever released.

    For the waiting times, i'm a bit pessimistic ... the dates marked for 2022 are very few, especially for a project that collects years of work and variations: I am sure that in 2023 there will be new dates, and until they decide to play this around, the thing will not be published. We'll be lucky to have soundboards in 2024....

    (deny me Sean, pls)

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  18. On 7/8/2022 at 8:42 PM, kiya said:

    Three times during the set in Athens there was an extremely loud feedback sound that was exactly as if a guitar player got too close to their speaker stack and all three times the sound felt and sounded very uncontrolled, if that makes sense.  

    It 100% sounded like an accidental feedback freakout. 

    terraforma 55:53 .. does not a heavily filtered voice start there?
    After all, to the question "which instrument would you bring to the desert island?", The answer was a microphone (with a sampler if I remember correctly).
    What I hope is that the accidental feedbacks in Athens are not so invasive, in the soundboard i mean, to make it unpublishable. We already know we have lost the Primavera one.. just hope that the acropolis does not follow the same fate

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