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    ..in Italy, we have Passpartout, the main program of art history of RAI (the state TV). At least on six different episodes autechre appear  (more rarely, aphex too), but the most absurd occasion was that of Santa Rosalia , a religious tradition of the deep south of Italy (palermo), where a young girl dressed as a sort of Madonna, is raised on a high pole (santa rosalia festa)  and transported to the streets of palermo in an excess of decorations and trivial manifestations. I might be confused with another popular recurrence, the Varia Of Palmi, but, as you can see, the result does not change:
    Well, while this ancestral rite, suspended between the begoted Christianity and some pagan influence appeared on the screen, Pro Radii came in all over Italy. Epic.
    Unfortunately there is no evidence of this stroke of genius on the net.
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